The difference and connection between LCD and led?
Author:Huang juming Time:2021-08-05 16:49 Browse(589)
LED (light emitting diode) is a solid-state semiconductor device which can convert electric energy into visible light. It can directly convert electricity into light. LCD is the abbreviation of liquid crystal display. The structure of LCD is to place liquid crystal in two pieces of parallel glass. There are many vertical and horizontal small wires between the two pieces of glass. Through the power on or not, the rod-shaped crystal molecules can be controlled to change the direction, and the light can be refracted to produce a picture.. I only know that led tv has better dynamic video display and clearer picture than LCD. In the display of static picture, LCD is better than led, and the picture color is more colorful. LCD is through the inside of the liquid crystal to control the voltage, and then by the external chip control display. The whole face work is not all bright, or not bright, unless the ball.. LED can be controlled to each LED point to emit light, and LED is completed by bracket, chip, sealing glue, etc.. If you need anything else, you can contact me. There is contact information in my user profile.

The difference and connection between LCD and led?

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