About LCD screen manufacturers?
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There are many manufacturers producing LCM LCD module, LCM LCD block and LCD screen
There are many manufacturers producing LCM liquid crystal display module, LCM liquid crystal display block and LCD screen, and Xiamen Weichen electronics is very good.
the product line includes color STN, COG, TFT module, monochrome TN / STN / FSTN module, fsc-lcd module E-paper electronic paper and OLED module can also provide all kinds of character type and graphic display standard products.

About LCD screen manufacturers?

according to the driving mode, it can be divided into static driving (static driving), dynamic driving (static driving) and dynamic driving (dynamic driving) There are simple matrix and active matrix.
among them,
passive matrix can be divided into twisted nematic; TN), super twisted nematic; STN) and other passive matrix driven liquid crystal displays; The active matrix type can be roughly divided into thin film transistor type; TFT) and two terminal diode (metal / insulator / metal; The TN, STN and TFT liquid crystal displays differ in viewing angle, color, contrast and animation display quality due to their different use of liquid crystal molecular torsion principle, In terms of the application scope and level of the current LCD technology.
the active matrix driving technology is based on the thin film transistor (TFT), which is mostly used in notebook computers, animation and image processing products.
in this paper, the application of the active matrix driving technology is analyzedAt present, the pure matrix drive technology is mainly based on the twist steering column (TN) and super twist steering column (STN).
at present, the application is mainly based on the word processor and consumer products.
among them.
TFT liquid crystal display needs high capital investment and technology demand, However, the technology and capital requirements for TN and STN are relatively low.
at present, the manufacturers of LCD panel mainly include sharp, Samsung, LG Philips, Youda optoelectronics, Qimei electronics, BOE, etc.
the wide view technology of LCD TV panel is divided into TN + film (soft screen) array, TN + film (soft screen) array and TN + film (soft screen) array IPS (hard screen) camp and VA (soft screen) camp have their own advantages.
first, the technology of TN + film view expansion film (soft screen) is still based on the traditional TN mode liquid crystal.
only a film sticking process is added in the manufacturing process.
the biggest feature of TN + film wide-angle technology is its low price.
the technology access threshold is low, Generally speaking,
TN panel is a product with obvious advantages and disadvantages, low price, less output gray class and fast deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules, which makes it easy to improve its response time, so that its response time can meet the requirements of the game, Poor viewing angle and untrue color performance are the obvious disadvantages.
therefore, the improved TN + film (compensation film) is widely used to make up for the deficiency of viewing angle of TN panel in the market.
at the same time, the use of color jitter technology also makes the TN panel which can only display 260000 colors obtain 16.2M display capacity.

Secondly, the biggest selling point of IPS (in plane switching mode) wide view technology (hard screen) is that its two poles are all on the same plane.
in this paper, the author analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of IPS (in plane switching mode) wide view technologyUnlike other liquid crystal modes, the electrodes are arranged on the top and bottom
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