Is LCD shadow related to driving voltage
Author:Ni Hengyang Time:2021-08-05 12:29 Browse(923)
It's about it!!!
It's about it!!!. Some LCD screens need to be controlled by adjusting the contrast voltage. Such as 1602 has a foot, to use the potentiometer to adjust the voltage.. See if your screen has corresponding pins.. So now when the LCD manufacturers produce, they can add adjustable resistors, which can effectively avoid the voltage difference between the manufacturers and customers in the process of production and customer use to the loss of the final product,. Hope to help you!!!. Of course, the higher the voltage, the darker the LCD will be,. Now LCD manufacturers, such as ROM LCD, can use adjustable resistance to avoid the voltage mismatch with the demand manufacturers.. Another way is to adjust the fixed contrast, so that both sides of the voltage consistent, specific can consult!!!.

Is LCD shadow related to driving voltage

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