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In fact, there is nothing to check, that is, blood drawing and chest X-ray examination. Only these two items cost 36 yuan, which is to check in the factory. I haven't heard that I want to check my eyesight. Now I recruit people every day (⊙ o ⊙)!. It's not as good as you think. Can't you find a job? How can you enter this factory. You don't have to spend money to enter at the gate of the factory. Those who want money will be cheated!. MasterCard is not only large-scale, the management inside makes me speechless. Last time I went to MasterCard to apply. I was interviewed by the department head there, and the result of the interview said that it was ok, but recently the new plant in Songshan Lake was not finished. It's going to take a few days to complete the construction (first training here, then going to work there, and then he will pass the Songshan Lake). He asked me if I had any questions about it, and I said no. then he repeated: you have no problem. I'll let you know. As a result, I waited at home for half a month. All the 3200 yuan monthly salary jobs I found in other factories were pushed away, which wasted a lot of my time) until half a month. After I couldn't help it, I called the personnel department of MasterCard. As a result, they were sure that they didn't have my name,. I'm very angry to say that I didn't get accepted. You are recruiting people, not playing monkey. You have to give me an explanation, don't you?. What I want to ask here is; Is this the attitude of MasterCard factory towards our vast number of candidates?. If this is the usual practice of MasterCard, then we can only invite the majority of candidates or related personnel to do everything. Da should pay more attention to it and be on guard. Don't be cheated and don't know what's going on when he's sold.

Guangdong Dongguan master LCD Co., Ltd

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