What is the opening rate of LCD screen
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LCD display manufacturers illustrate what is the opening rate.
The manufacturer of LCD display shows you what the aperture ratio is.

What is the opening rate of LCD screen

I wonder if you still remember that in previous articles, we have simply introduced what the aperture ratio is.
for example, brightness is an important specification in aperture ratio LCD display, The most important factor to determine the brightness is the opening rate.
what is the opening rate? In simple terms, the aperture ratio is the proportion of the effective area through which light can pass.
on the left of the right figure is the structure diagram of an LCD display screen viewed from above or below.
when light is emitted through the backlight panel.
not all light can pass through the panel, such as the signal routing for the LCD source driver chip and the gate driver chip, and the TFT itself, There are also storage capacitors for storing voltage, etc.
in addition to incomplete light transmission in these places,
because the light passing through these places is not controlled by the voltage, the correct gray scale cannot be displayed, so they need to be covered by black matrix, In order to avoid interfering with the correct brightness of other light transmission areas.
therefore, the effective light transmission area is only the area shown on the right side of the figure.
this effective light transmission area.
the ratio of the total area to the total area is called the aperture ratio.
when light is emitted from the backlight, it will pass through the polarizer, glass, liquid crystal in order, Color filter, etc.
suppose that the penetration rate of each part is as follows:
polarizer: 50% (because it only allows polarized light wave in one direction to pass through) glass: 95% (upper and lower two pieces need to be calculated) liquid crystal: 95% opening rate: 50% (only half of the effective light transmission area) color filter: 27% (assuming that the penetration rate of the material itself is 80%.
color filterBut because the filter itself is colored, Only the light wave of this color can be allowed to pass.
in terms of RGB three primary colors.
only one of the three primary colors can be allowed to pass.
only 6% of the light from the backlight will be left.
it's a pity.
this is why in the design of TFT LCD,
the aperture ratio should be improved as much as possible.
as long as the aperture ratio is increased.
the brightness can be increased, At the same time, the brightness of the backlight panel is not so high, which can save power consumption and cost.
LCD (liquid crystal display).
that is, LCD.
is generally divided into monochrome and color LCD.
at present, monochrome LCD has almost withdrawn from the notebook computer market, The color LCD is still developing.
Color LCD is mainly divided into STN and TFT.
TFT (thin film transistor) LCD, also known as active thin film transistor liquid crystal display, is commonly known as true color liquid crystal display; DSTN (dual scntwistednematic) LCD is a kind of display mode of stnlcd.
now it has been out of the market.
this paper introduces the development of DSTN (dual scntwistednematic) LCD
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