Where is the OEM of Samsung LCD TV in China?
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Where is the OEM of Samsung LCD TV in China?

Tianjin Xiqing development zone.
microelectronics Park, No.4 micro Road, Samsung color TV, SamSung monitor is a company.
Tel: 022-23961234.
a regular Samsung TV factory.
I worked in the development department for three years, All the Samsung LCD TVs sold in mainland China are produced here.
besides, Changhong's TVs have been OEM for a while, and Dell and HP's TVs have been brought along, We also produce machines for export.
but we usually contact the sales department for business.
in the Samsung headquarters in Beijing.
basic knowledge of Samsung LCD TV LCD display 1. LCD display is a passive display.
it can't emit light, Only the light of the surrounding environment can be used.
it only needs a small amount of energy to display patterns or characters.
because of low power consumption and miniaturization, LCD becomes a better display mode.
the liquid crystal material used in liquid crystal display is an organic compound with both liquid and solid properties.
its rod structure is generally arranged in parallel in the liquid crystal cell, However, it can change the alignment direction under the action of electric field.
for the positive TN LCD,
when the voltage is not applied to the electrode, the LCD is in the "off" state, and the light energy is white through the LCD; When the voltage is applied to the electrode, the LCD is in the "on" state, and the long axis of the liquid crystal molecules is arranged along the direction of the electric field, and the light can not pass through the LCD, which is in the black state.
when the voltage is applied selectively on the electrode,
different patterns can be displayed.
for STN LCD,
the twist angle of the liquid crystal is larger, so the contrast is better,The viewing angle is wider.
STN LCD is based on the principle of birefringence.
its basic color is generally yellow green, and the font is blue, which becomes yellow green mode.
when using the purple polarizer.
the basic color will become gray mode.
when using the polarizer with compensation film.
the basic color will become close to white, at this time, STN becomes black-and-white mode, which is called FSTN, and the polarizer of the above three modes turns 90 °, The main components of TFT LCD include fluorescent tube, light guide plate, polarizing plate, filter plate, glass substrate, alignment film, liquid crystal material, thin mode transistor, etc.
first, LCD must use backlight.
that is, fluorescent tube projects light source, These light sources pass through a polarizer and then through a liquid crystal, At this time, the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules changes the angle of light penetrating the liquid crystal.
then these light must pass through the front color filter film and another polarizing plate.
therefore, we only need to change the voltage value of stimulating the liquid crystal to control the intensity and color of the last light line.
and then we can change the color combination of different shades on the liquid crystal panel
3、 The daylighting technology of LCD is a passive display device.
it does not emit light, and it is realized by modulating the external light.
external light is the precondition of LCD display.
in the assembly and use of LCD, skillfully solving daylighting can not only guarantee and improve the quality of LCD display, And the general lighting technology of LCD can be divided into natural lighting technology and external light source setting technologyThere are three kinds of Technology: backlight, front light and projection light
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