What are the manufacturers of LCD TV in China?
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Today's TV is divided into three types: picture tube, plasma and liquid crystal
Nowadays, there are three kinds of TV: picture tube, plasma and liquid crystal.

What are the manufacturers of LCD TV in China?

among them, picture tube has been basically eliminated.
plasma has large heat dissipation {you can bake your back in winter}.
radiation is large, stroboscopic is serious {you can turn on the camera of mobile phone}.
liquid crystal is more environmentally friendly.
energy saving, Zero radiation.
the current LCD market is divided into domestic and joint ventures.
the domestic ones are Konka, Skyworth, ACE and Hisense.
the joint ventures are sharp.
Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and LG.
among them, Konka ranks first in sales among domestic brands.
the first one in joint ventures is sharp. For other brands, Skyworth starts as a remote controller, ace as a switch and home phone, Hisense has made some money in real estate in the past two years and made some advertisements in CCTV.
60% of Konka's shares are invested in TV.
as the saying goes, one child is raised, and a group of children are raised, but can they receive the same care the TV with good performance and guaranteed quality has been made by Konka for 29 years. Konka is used in the water cube of the Olympic Games, in the news broadcast studio, in McDonald's and KFC, and in the National Sailing Team, The first 42 inch TV in China is Konka.
Konka is the first domestic TV brand to be exempted from export inspection.
the biggest difference between Skyworth and Konka is that Konka takes the technology route.
Skyworth takes the entertainment route.
Skyworth is mostly the one that explodes and catches fire.
if you don't believe it, you can search Baidu to see how many pages there are.
Konka's 68.
08, The function and quality of 80 series can surpass those of joint venture brands.
1Konka has solved some quality problems when buying LCD TV.
for example, color fading, The last step.
the solutions are all Konka patents.
other brands can't learn.
now many manufacturers of energy-saving TV are doing it.
but Konka is the first one to pass the international certification in silicon Valley Laboratory of the United States.
other brands only print power on the screen, but not brightness and contrast, because their energy saving is the loss of contrast, However, Konka can save energy on the basis of making the dark picture darker, keeping the brightness unchanged and increasing the contrast.
by the way, it's better to buy the standard size TV.
26,32,37,42,47. Don't buy 40. Because the standard is generally 16:9, And 40 is 15:8.
everyone is away.
before choosing TV, it's better to know more about corporate culture and TV knowledge.
I'm very happy to answer this question for you.
I hope you can buy a satisfactory TV.
what I know is Changhong.
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