What is the salary of Beijing BOE Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd?
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It's hard to just graduate, but which industry is not like this?
Just graduated will be hard, but which line is not like this<
the specific treatment is OK.

What is the salary of Beijing BOE Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd?

regular staff 3000 + ah, come on BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. was founded in April 1993.
headquartered in Beijing, it is a company listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange of China (BOE A: 000725; BOE A: 000725; BOE A: 000725; BOE A: 000725; BOE A: 000725; BOE A: 000725; BOE A: 000725; BOE A:; B:200725.
, a high-tech company, has been developing business for 14 years after its pioneering work..
BOE has developed into a high-tech enterprise with strong comprehensive strength in the Chinese mainland. In.
2006, its main business income reached 8 billion 780 million yuan.
. Up to now, the registered capital of.
company is 2 billion 870 million yuan, B:200725. The total assets are 15.1 billion yuan.
after years of research and development and technology accumulation.
BOE has mastered the core technology of TFT-LCD, including the world's leading AFFS wide view technology.
through the implementation of internationalization, cultivation of core competitiveness and other strategies.
BOE is gradually growing into a global leading enterprise in the display field, with five R & D centers and five manufacturing bases, The marketing and service system covers all major regions of the world, with more than 9800 employees.
the company aims to become a world leading enterprise in the field of display.
the company's mission is to innovate technology and management.
provide customers with satisfactory display products and services, and create the greatest value for stakeholders.
the management concept is innovative and enterprising, and the core value is integrity Development of talents, devotion to customers, win-win cooperation, achievement oriented....
code of conduct: integrity, standardization, transparency and responsibility.
the company has the following characteristics: integrity, standardization, transparency and responsibility2、 Business unit.
it / TV LCD display.
? The only TFT-LCD manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights in China.
? The fifth generation TFT-LCD production line located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone started mass production in May 2005.
it is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of TFT-LCD.
it produces 17-32 inch displays to meet the needs of notebook computers, desktop computers, LCD TVs, etc.
? It is planned to build a second and higher generation production line before 2008.
to produce LCD displays for large-size LCD TVs.
mobile applications.
? Small size display products mainly produce TN, STN, CSTN and OLED displays for mobile phone, PDA, vehicle TV, industrial and commercial applications.
? STN-LCD ranks first in China.
fifth in the world; OLED technology is leading in the world.
professional display system.
? The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, customization and sales of various special TFT-LCD display terminal products, such as high-performance, high brightness reinforced TFT-LCD display terminal and its system products, industry TFT-LCD integrated network computer, vehicle TFT-LCD video display terminal, public display system based on TFT-LCD,
display light source products.
? BOE display light source products mainly include cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlight and light emitting diode (LED) backlight.
? CCFL backlight products have the advantages of small diameter, long service life and high light efficiency.
they are mainly used in notebook computers, liquid crystal displays, liquid crystal TVs and mobile liquid crystal display products.
precision electronic parts and materials.
? Key parts and materials for relevant display products.
? Strategic alliance with Marubeni, xunitz, chagu and other international enterprises.
? The production and sales volume of glass strut and solder products rank first in the world.
other display devices.
? Professional application display industry.
including VFD (vacuum fluorescent display), LED (light emitting diode) display, LED display system, etc.
the production and sales volume of VFD ranks first in China.
the third in the world.
? The main products are pure screen 21 inch, 25 inch, 29 inch, 34 inch and 36 inch color kinescope for TV and 7 inch projection image products for rear projection TV.
the company keeps up with the development trend of international high-definition TV.
Recruitment information.
fresh graduates.
according to the industrial development needs of the group company.
we are looking for fresh graduates (several) of the following Majors:
optoelectronic technology, optical information science and technology, liquid crystal display.
Electronic science and technology, electronic information engineering, microelectronics.
Applied Physics, applied chemistry, semiconductor physics.
physical chemistry, polymer materials science And engineering.
measurement and control technology and instrument mechanical and electronic engineering automation.
mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation electrical engineering and its automation computer science and technology.
mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation electrical engineering and its automation computer science and technologyFinancial management / Accounting Finance / statistics international economy and trade.
supply chain / logistics management industrial engineering human resource management.
enterprise management / business management file management / book management Korean.
job requirements:
? Graduates in 2008.
Bachelor degree or above, CET-4 (425 points) or above
? Have solid foundation and professional knowledge
? Have enough creativity and relearning ability
? Have enough enthusiasm and passion.
be able to concentrate on work
? Good at communication and team work
? Integrity, integrity, good professional ethics.
place of work.
resume delivery and contact information.
please send us your detailed resume, employment recommendation form, transcripts, CET-4, CET-6 and various competency certificates, one inch color photos by email.
E- mail:hr_ ot@boe.com.cn
contact address: No.8, Xihuan Middle Road, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.
human resources department, Beijing BOE Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
postcode: 100176.
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