What is LCD TV backlight?
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Liquid crystal display uses the principle of passive lighting technology, so liquid crystal needs backlight system to provide light source. At present, the backlight used in LCD TV is mainly divided into CCFL (cold cathode fluorescence), LED (light emitting diode) and hcfl (hot cathode fluorescence). Among them, CCFL is the most widely used, while hcfl has just started, and its technology is not mature.
Liquid crystal display (LCD) adopts the principle of passive light-emitting technology, so LCD needs backlight system to provide light source.
at present, backlight used in LCD TV mainly includes CCFL (cold cathode fluorescence), LED (light emitting diode) and hcfl (hot cathode fluorescence).
among them, CCFL is the most widely used.

What is LCD TV backlight?

hcfl has just started, The technology is not very mature.
the so-called led refers to light emitting diode.
that is to say, light emitting diode.
at present, LED backlight materials are mainly divided into white LED backlight and rgb-led backlight.
the biggest feature of white LED is energy saving and environmental protection.
fewer LED lights can be used to achieve the same brightness, Moreover, the thickness of the TV body can be greatly reduced by incident light from the side edge of the LCD panel, making the TV body thinner and more beautiful.
the biggest feature of rgb-led is that it can present a wider color level.
it can make the picture more beautiful in red, more verdant in green and deeper in black, This is also the reason why the flagship LED backlight TV makes high-end players obsessed.
at the same time, rgb-led backlight combined with area drive control technology can effectively reduce the real-time power consumption of LCD TV and save more power.
at present, when some brands promote LCD TV with LED backlight.
they are used to abbreviate the product as "LED TV", which is actually a abbreviation, The main purpose is to make it easier for consumers to distinguish which TVs use LED as backlight, and make it more convenient for the promotion and publicity of new products, so as to impress people.
however, in fact, the LED TV they are promoting is still LCD TV,To be exact, it should be LED backlight LCD TV.
Samsung is the leader in the market.
several TVs launched do not really show the essence of the product. At present, LCD TV with LED backlight technology is sold in the domestic market. The backlight is replaced by LED, and the panel is still LCD! Replacing an LED backlight can save energy, make the panel thinner and make the appearance more beautiful. What's wrong with Samsung is that they invented the concept of LED, which is not the Samsung LED TV they publicized. It should be called "Samsung LED backlight LCD TV". The purpose of their propaganda is that they invented the concept of LED, It's just to sell for a higher price.
Samsung vigorously promotes its so-called LED light source TV.
consumers can get close contact with this new technology, but the price you have to pay is also increased.
at present, LED backlight LCD TV is still a new product.
it is a high-end variety of LCD TV, and is in the market introduction period, Its cost is more than 50% higher than that of ordinary LCD TV.
it is understood that the price of a Samsung 46 inch LED TV set will be about 20000 yuan.
LED backlight LCD TV has many advantages of its own.
however, you should pay attention to the panel of LCD TV, which is the main reason to determine the quality. At the same time, you should pay attention to the untrue propaganda of some businesses, It's really unbelievable.
LCD displays images through backlight.
you can imagine that.
it's like watching film movies.
every LCD pixel, like a small window, has a door that can be opened or closed. When the door is opened, we can see the light, that is, the light behind.
when the door is opened, we can see the lightHowever, the actual principle is much more complicated.
in fact, the backlight level is deflected, so that we can see pixels of different colors.
there are two kinds of backlights now.
one is CCFLs (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) and the other is led. Traditional liquid crystal display devices use CCFLs (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) as the light source, Although the name is very professional, we understand it as a fluorescent lamp for home use, But the lamp tube is very thin.
the color of many objects under the fluorescent lamp is very strange.
because the light it emits is not the real sunlight.
the sunlight that we have been used to is composed of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, cyan, purple and other colors according to a certain proportion.
but the light of fluorescent lamp is overemphasized in some colors.
some colors are badly lacking.
so the problem is solved However,
the color of the light source behind the lamp box is not accurate enough, and the image generated through the LCD panel can not overcome its inherent shortcomings, This is one of the reasons why LCD can not satisfy professional users in image display.
therefore, an advanced liquid crystal solution is produced.
LED is used to replace the traditional liquid crystal backlight module.
the advantages of LED backlight technology are high brightness.
and stable brightness and color performance can be achieved within the service life.
the advantages of LED backlight technology are as follows Wider color gamut (more than NTSC and EBU gamut).
achieve more brilliant colors.
adjustable backlight white balance.
at the same time, ensure the overall contrast.
when the user's video source is switched between the computer and DVD player.
when the user's video source is switched between the computer and DVD playerThe white balance can be easily adjusted between 9600k and 6500k, And it will not sacrifice brightness and contrast.
real time color management.
because red, green and blue light emitting independently.
it is easy to accurately control the current display color characteristics.
it can provide continuous array light source for large screen.
it can reduce the artificial traces of dynamic scene.
it will not sacrifice brightness and life.
because the traditional CCFL lamp has low flicker frequency.
it can show dynamic scene The LED backlight can flexibly adjust the luminous frequency.
and the frequency is much higher than that of CCFL, so it can perfectly present the moving picture.
the brightness adjustment range is large.
it is easy to realize the LED power control.
unlike CCFL, there is a threshold for the minimum brightness.
no matter in the bright outdoor or all black indoor, The user can easily adjust the brightness of the display device to the most pleasing state.
the LED backlight has a wide temperature range, low voltage and shock resistance.
because of the solid-state light-emitting device.
the LED backlight has no delicate parts and has strong adaptability to the environment.
low electromagnetic radiation.
the LED light source does not produce any radiation.
there are no toxic substances such as mercury, It can be described as a green light source.
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