What do LCD PM engineers do?
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PM project management。

What do LCD PM engineers do?

What is project management?.. 1、 What is a project. The so-called project, in short, is a one-time task under the constraints of established resources and requirements in order to achieve a certain purpose. Generally speaking, the project has the following basic characteristics.. 1. Clear goals. The result can only be a desired product or a desired service.. 2. Unique nature. Every project is unique.. 3. The constraint of resource cost. Every project needs to use all kinds of resources to implement, and the resources are limited.. 4. The one-time cost of project implementation. Items cannot be repeated.. 5. The uncertainty of the project. In the specific implementation of the project, external and internal factors will always change, so the project will also appear uncertainty.. 6. Specific clients. It is not only the demander of project results, but also the funding provider of project implementation.. 7. The result is irreversible. No matter what the result is, when the project is over, the result will be determined. 2、 The factors that restrict the success of the project. 1. The client's evaluation. 2. Project scope. 3. Project cost. what you think?
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