The difference between LCD and DLP. Which is better?
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At present, the domestic projection market is mainly divided into DLP and 3lcd, one is FanTai brand, the other is now more common Japanese brand.
At present, the domestic projection market is mainly divided into DLP and 3lcd. One is FanTai brand, and the other is the common Japanese brand.

The difference between LCD and DLP. Which is better?

first, why is the brightness (color brightness) of 3lcd higher than that of DLP.
from the perspective of imaging principle.
DLP (digital light processing) relies on refraction.
generally, there are several color wheels of red, green, blue and white, Only one color can be refracted at the same time.
3lcd transmits red, green and blue at the same time.
when I want to see yellow.
DLP refracts red for a period of time, refracts green for a period of time, and 3lcd transmits red and green for the whole period of time.
so the color brightness of 3lcd is higher and brighter.
2 The color of 3lcd is better.
the color of DLP is natural.
the adjustment of DLP is easier than that of 3lcd.
this is due to the higher color brightness of 3lcd by default.
thirdly, DLP uses flip to control the output brightness.
3lcd uses analog voltage to control the output brightness.
compared with.
the digital control of DLP is more accurate, The simulation mode of 3lcd will change with time and need to be recalibrated.
summary: the advantages of 3lcd are brightness and easy installation.
while the advantages of DLP are gray scale and 3D crosstalk free.
DLP is more advanced than 3lcd in general.
DLP is a back projection.
this is a display mode that has been rising for a long time, and its core principle is to make the picture image through the back projection.
in this paper, the design of DLP is introduced
LCD splicing screen refers to the LCD splicing screen.
getting up early is through the light of the LCD lamp, and through the liquid crystal refraction imaging.
with the progress of technology.
the current situation of these two kinds of displays in the market is completely different from before, now if we want to distinguish the difference between DLP and LCD, The main advantage of DLP is that the seam is very small.
about 0.2mm, but the product cost is relatively high, and the installation method is relatively simple, that is, the floor stand is used, and the minimum installation thickness is about 600mm.
LCD splicing screen has always been due to its good color restoration, high image definition, low cost and low cost The cost of LCD is relatively low at present.
but its main defect is that there is always a black edge in the middle.
although the technology has been improved to 1.7mm, there is still a black edge in the end.
of course.
there are so-called seamless splicing screens in the market, which are all made of materials added outside the LCD, It's not the technology of LCD itself, let's not discuss it for the moment....
that's about it....
it's not the technology of LCD itself
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