What do SEG and com mean
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What are the com line and SEG line in LCD
What are the com line and SEG line in LCD. All LCDs are driven by SEG and com scanning. In order to display the contents that need to be lit, the AC driving voltage must be applied between the segment electrode and the common electrode of the LCD. To make a metaphor: a "well" is composed of two rows and two columns, with a total of four intersections. In fact, it is like two SEGS and two com. To drive a fixed point, one com and one SEG should be effective. If you want several lights on and several lights off, you need to use the principle of scanning, which is similar to the principle of row and column keyboard.. Generally speaking, SEG side is to drive vertical column, com side is to drive horizontal column.. COM is usually output line, SEG should be carrier line.

What do SEG and com mean

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