What is DVI?
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DVI interface was developed by ddwg (digital display working group) in 1999
DVI interface is an interface standard launched by ddwg (digital display working group) in 1999, which is the abbreviation of digital visual interface. Its shape is a 24 pin connector.
it is specially designed for digital display devices such as LCD display.
DVI interface has many specifications.

What is DVI?

it is divided into dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, dvi-a, DV DVI-D and dvi-i.
dvi-a is actually the standard of VGA interface.
it's just a change of soup but no change of dressing.
therefore, LCD with DVI interface is not necessarily a real digital LCD; DVI-D realizes the real digital signal transmission.
and DVI-I takes all the above two interfaces.
when DVI-I is connected to VGA device, it plays the role of dvi-a; When DVI-I is connected to DVI-D equipment, It plays the role of dvi-d.
in order to be compatible with traditional analog display devices.
most of today's graphics cards use 24 digital signal pins and 5 analog signal pins of DVI-I interface.
DVI is fully known as digital visual interface.
its appearance is a 24 pin plug-in.
the working principle of DVI is not complicated.
simply speaking, the digital signal generated by computer is directly connected to the interface There is no need for any conversion.
using DVI interface on LCD has obvious advantages over traditional analog VGA interface.
LCD can only process digital information.
if using VGA interface, the input analog signal must be converted into digital signal,DVI transmits digital signal, and the digital image information is directly transmitted to the display device without any conversion. Therefore, the tedious conversion process from digital to analog to digital is reduced, the signal loss is avoided, and the display effect is significantly improved, At present, it has become the standard interface of mainstream graphics card.
and most high-end liquid crystal displays are also equipped with DVI digital interface.
VGA interface is a common video signal transmission connection interface for display devices.
it is generally blue.
it generally has 15 pins, It is also called D-sub interface.
flat panel display generally uses this interface.
it is very matching and does not affect the image quality.
but LCD is not like this.
LCD is a pure digital display device.
displays pure digital signals.
if your graphics card and display have DVI (digital) white interface.
, Then, please connect them with DVI cable (24 + 1 pin or 24 + 5 pin), so that the video signal is always transmitted in digital mode, and the display will display pure and realistic high-quality images. If your display and graphics card do not have DVI interface, then you have to connect them with 15 pin D-sub VGA analog video signal cable (blue connector), In this kind of cable, the video signal is transmitted in the analog mode, so the signal from the computer graphics card to the display will go through the digital analog digital mode conversion, which will inevitably lose a part, and the analog signal cable is more vulnerable to electromagnetic interference, so the final display effect of the display will certainly have a certain gap than the digital mode connectionWhen the timing or phase of analog signal is not completely consistent, the font may be blurred or the screen may flicker.
of course, many first-line manufacturers, such as Philips, have excellent analog circuit control technology.
it can make the effect of analog interface LCD very close to that of digital interface.
so why do many LCD not have DVI Interface.
or do many users not use the DVI interface? This is because most of these users have a ready-made hardware system, and the graphics card does not have the DVI interface. In this case, using the analog interface can greatly save the overall cost.
as for the two interfaces, the adapter can be used to realize the conversion.
of course, if the LCD has only the analog interface, the signal will be converted from digital to analog to digital, So this kind of conversion is meaningless.
this kind of conversion is meaningless
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