TV, led what do you mean?
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At present, a number of LED TV products have appeared in the domestic market, such as Samsung, Sony, Hisense and so on. Compared with ordinary LCD TVs of the same size, the price of LED TVs is staggering - twice or even five times higher. In this regard, the industry said that the current market is known as LED
At present, a number of LED TV products have appeared in the domestic market, such as Samsung, Sony, Hisense and so on.
compared with ordinary LCD TV of the same size,
the price of LED TV is staggering, which is twice or even five times higher.

TV, led what do you mean?

in this regard,
industry insiders show that the TV with the name of LED TV in the market is not a real LED TV, According to industry insiders,
using LED as the backlight of LCD TV improves some performance of existing LCD TV to a certain extent.
however, all led TVs on the market are realized through this improvement, which is more suitable to be called led lit LCD.
LED lit LCD has its imaging principle, image quality, image quality, image quality and so on The working state and most of the parts used are the same as ordinary LCD TV.
LCD uses the principle of passive light emitting technology.
therefore, LCD needs backlight system to provide light source.
at present, the backlight used in LCD TV is mainly divided into CCFL (cold cathode fluorescence) and CCFL (light emitting diode) There are three kinds of backlight: LED (light emitting diode) and hcfl (hot cathode fluorescence).
among them, CCFL is the most widely used.
hcfl is just in its infancy, and its technology is still quite immature.
CCFL backlight has some disadvantages, such as narrow color gamut, low energy efficiency, high power consumption and short service life, etc.
the main purpose of using LED as backlight of LCD TV is to improve the image quality, Especially in color saturation, the LED backlight display can obtain a wide enough gamut to make up for the deficiency of LCD TV,To make it meet or even exceed the requirements of adobe RGB and NTSC color standards, and achieve more than 100% of NTSC gamut coverage.
LED backlight is an important research and development direction of major manufacturers in the future, which is basically consistent with CCFL backlight in structure, and the main difference is that led is a point light source, CCFL is a linear light source.
the so-called led refers to light emitting diode.
that is, we often say light-emitting diodes.
at present, LED backlight materials are mainly divided into white LED backlight and rgb-led backlight.
because white is a mixed color.
there is no identifiable wavelength value, so white LED will have the problem of color deviation, while rgb-led is mainly composed of red, green, red, red, green, red, green, red, red, green, red, green, red, green, red, green, red, green, green, red, green, green, green, red, green, green, green The light-emitting unit composed of blue three color LED can independently control the light source to achieve full-color effect, so as to achieve more accurate color restoration and show better picture quality.
LED backlight TV is regarded as the upgraded product of the new generation of LCD TV.
due to its advantages of light texture, bright color, energy saving and power saving, it may become an effective way to extend the vitality of the LCD era Lead the TV products of the new generation flat panel TV market; Due to the high cost of OLED TV products and the inability to produce large-size products, LED backlight LCD TV has more advantages.
in addition.
due to the particularity of its luminous principle, the standby power and power consumption of LED LCD TV products are significantly lower than those of LCD TV products of the same size, More energy-saving.
since Sony launched its first LED backlight LCD TV product qualia in 2003.
It has aroused strong concern in the field of flat panel TV manufacturing, and also stimulated the enthusiasm of many flat panel TV manufacturers in the research and development of LED LCD TV products.
in the following years, sharp, Samsung and other enterprises promoted their LED LCD TV products in various exhibitions, The LED LCD TV market has begun to sprout.
and Hisense, China's independent brand, launched the first LED backlight LCD TV in China in July 2008, becoming the first enterprise to mass produce LED LCD TV products
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