What does LCD FPC mean? Line or screen?
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Power factor corrector (PFC).
can effectively suppress the high-order harmonic current generated in the line.

What does LCD FPC mean? Line or screen?

change the waveform and phase angle of the input current, The current harmonics are corrected.
the approximate sine wave current with the same phase as the AC input voltage is generated at the AC input end of the system.
the efficiency of power supply products is improved, and the pollution and interference of PC power supply by power grid are minimized.
the function of PFC is to reduce the loss of current conversion in the process of converting AC power into DC power for computers, In order to improve the efficiency of power supply.
this technology was mainly used in UPS before.
in fact, as early as 1982.
the International Electrotechnical Commission formulated iec55-2 standard (now IEC1000-3-2) to limit high-order harmonics, The application of harmonic filtering and PFC technology is proposed.
the compulsory certification of China, which was implemented on May 1, 2002, lists PFC as a necessary standard.
there are two kinds of PFC circuits: active PFC and passive PFC.
passive PFC generally adopts inductance compensation method to reduce the phase difference between the fundamental current and voltage of AC input to improve power factor.
active PFC consists of inductance and capacitor And electronic components, can obtain higher power factor, but the cost is relatively high.
active PFC.
also known as active PFC, in its circuit often uses highly integrated IC, which can adapt to 90V ~ 270V input voltage, It has the advantages of higher than 0.99 line power factor and higher reliability.
the output does not change with the fluctuation of input voltage.
therefore, it can get a high stable output.
the output voltage of the system is stable
compared with the passive PFC, the active PFC no longer needs to use a large capacity of filter capacitor.
but the price of the power supply designed by the active PFC is higher.
passive PFC.
also known as passive PFC, Generally, inductance compensation method is used to reduce the phase difference between the fundamental current and the voltage of AC input to improve the power number.
the cost is lower.
theoretically, the effect is obviously not as good as that of active PFC.
but according to the actual situation of China's power grid.
the grid voltage is generally low.
so in this case.
the effect of active PFC is not so obvious, On the contrary, passive PFC is widely used because of its same working principle and low price.
active PFC does not mean that it has better performance than passive PFC.
it is not a symbol of high-end, for ordinary users, The main function of active PFC is wide voltage.
in fact, some people's argument that "active PFC is a good power supply" is just because APFC is used in the middle and high-end products of large factories.
while passive PFC is used in the low-end products. In short, "a good power supply may use APFC, but APFC does not mean a good power supply.", The power supply with active PFC may not be as good as the best power supply without PFC in recent years; I think LCD can be used as an analogy. 173p is better than 710n not because 173p has DVI interface: D.
so ordinary users don't need to pay too much attention to these when buying power supply.
passive PFC is also used in high-end power supply, so it's unnecessary to regard PFC as the main factor of purchasing, workmanship and performance, Noise is the main factor.
the active loss is more.
the 80% is completely due to the increase of the proportion of 12V in the output power.
the main reason is that there is more active lossThat is to say, as long as the output power of other power sources increases by 12V, the efficiency will go up, which is nothing strange.
the power supply must work under certain load conditions to achieve the highest efficiency. For example, 400W power supply with 350W load has the highest efficiency, and users can not keep 350W power at any time. Therefore, the annual saving of FSP is purely misleading, FPC is a flexible circuit board that connects the panel and the external driver board.
it's a bit like the golden finger under the keyboard, that is, people often say that there is something wrong with the mobile phone wiring, most of them refer to it.
FPC is a flexible circuit board that connects the panel and the external driver board
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