How many components does a LCD have
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1。 LCD module
1。 LCD module. Glass substrate: inside are liquid crystals and grid like printed circuits. Timing control: used to generate timing and voltage for controlling the deflection of liquid crystal molecules. Lamp tube: produce white light source. Backlight: the light generated by the lamp is reflected on the LCD screen. 2。

How many components does a LCD have

Control panel. It plays the role of signal conversion. The signals of various input formats are transformed into signals of fixed output formats. For example, the screen of 1024x768. The input signal can be 640x480; 800x600; 1024x768........., 。 The final output format is 1024x768. 3。 Inverter. High pressure is generated to light the lamp. Note that it creates high pressure.. Respondent: gongztaid - probation level 1.. The main control circuit, including OSD, control processing circuit and main control circuit for signal processing (including CPU, ram and ROM), will be added.. Answer: piaoling999 - Mage Level 4.. This was answered by others in the past. It's quite detailed. I'll summarize it for you. Panel. High pressure plate. Drive board.. Let's see what other people say..
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