Can you tell me the LCD information of fm24064b-4
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LCD (liquid crystal display module) is a kind of component that assembles LCD, connector, integrated circuit, PCB, backlight and structure together
LCD (liquid crystal display module) is a kind of component that assembles liquid crystal display device, connector, integrated circuit, PCB circuit board, backlight and structural parts together Digital LCD module is a kind of functional component composed of Segment LCD and special integrated circuit.
it can only display numbers and some identification symbols.

Can you tell me the LCD information of fm24064b-4

Segment LCD is mostly used in portable and pocket devices.
because of the small size of these devices.
the display part is not designed as a separate component as far as possible, Even if some application fields need separate display components, they should also have some functions such as information receiving, processing, storage and transmission besides display function The common digital LCD modules are as follows.
1. Counting module.
2. Metering module.
3. Timing module.
2. LCD dot matrix character module, which is assembled by dot matrix character LCD, special row and column drivers, controllers and necessary connectors, It can display numbers and Western characters.
this kind of dot matrix character module has character generator.
it has large display capacity and rich functions.
generally, this kind of module can display at least 8-bit and 1-line or 16 bit and 1-line characters.
the dot matrix arrangement of this module is composed of 5 characters × 7、5 × 8 or 5 × 11.
each group has one bit.
there is a little space between each bit,There is also a line interval between each line, so the graph cannot be displayed. The main specifications are as follows: 8 bits and 1 line; Two rows, 16 bits and one row; 2 lines; 4 rows, 20 bits, 1 row; 2 lines; 4 rows, 24 bits, 1 row; 2 lines; Four rows, 32 bits and one row; 2 lines; 4 rows, 40 bits, 1 row; 2 lines; Four lines are generally controlled by the module. In the driver, there is a character library cgrom with 192 fixed character models. In addition, there is a random access memory cgram that allows the user to customize and create special characters. It allows the user to create 8 5 characters × This module is also a kind of dot matrix module.
it is characterized by continuous arrangement of dot matrix pixels and no space between rows and columns.
therefore, it can display continuous and complete graphics.
because it is also composed of X-Y matrix pixels.
besides displaying graphics, it can also display characters.
1 The column driven type is a module which must be connected with a special controller.
the module is only equipped with general row and column drivers. In fact, this driver only has general driving output end for pixels, while the input end generally has data input end less than 4 bits, shift signal input end, latch input end, AC signal input end, etc., such as hd44100, Iid66100, etc. this kind of module must be connected with external control circuit, such as HD61830, sedl330, etc. to connect with the computer. This kind of module has the largest number and is the most common.
although it needs to use self-made controller.
it also leaves customers the freedom to choose different controllers by themselves.
2 The column drive control type is a module that can directly interface with the computer.
the driver can be directly controlled by the computer.
the column drive control type is a kind of module that can directly interface with the computer.
the column drive control type is a kind of module that can directly control the driver by the computerThe column driver used in this kind of module has I / O bus data interface.
the module can be directly attached to the computer bus, eliminating the need for a dedicated controller, so it is beneficial to reduce the cost of the whole system.
the number of pixels is small.
the whole system has few functions, It is very suitable for users who are familiar with computer software programming.
however, it will occupy part of the resources of your system.
3. Row and column control type this is a kind of lattice graphics module with embedded controller type.
it is also a popular type. This kind of module is not only equipped with the first kind of row and column control type Column driver.
it is also equipped with special controller such as T6963C.
this controller is the interface between LCD driver and computer.
it is controlled by computer in the simplest way, receives and feeds back all kinds of information from computer, realizes the management of display buffer through its own independent information processing, and provides all kinds of signals and pulses needed by driver, This controller has its own set of special instructions.
it also has its own character generator cgrom. Users must be familiar with the detailed instructions of the controller before they can make a summary.
this module enables users to get rid of the design, processing and operation of the controller In addition, the computer can avoid the tedious control of the display and save the internal resources of the host system.
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