What is the working principle of LCD?
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Working principle of LCD
Working principle of LCD.
as we all know.

What is the working principle of LCD?

liquid crystal is an organic compound with regular molecular arrangement. It is neither a solid nor a liquid. It is a substance between solid and liquid. When heated, it will appear transparent liquid state, When it is cooled, it will appear the turbid solid state of crystalline particles.
according to the different molecular structure arrangement, liquid crystals can be divided into three types: Clay like smectic liquid crystals.
fine columnar nematic liquid crystals and soft gel cholesterol like cholesteric liquid crystals.
the physical properties of these three kinds of liquid crystals are different.
and the second kind of fine columnar nematic liquid crystals is most suitable for making liquid crystal displays.
the physical properties of these three kinds of liquid crystals are different
according to the physical structure, common liquid crystal displays can be divided into the following categories:
you can see from the above that TN, STN and DSTN are all passive matrix LCDs.
their principles are basically the same, but the difference is that the twist angle of each liquid crystal molecule is slightly different, Among them, DSTN (commonly known as "pseudo color") was widely used in early notebook computer monitors and handheld game consoles, but it had great limitations because it had to borrow external light sources for imaging. However, these early reflective monochrome or color LCDs without backlight design could be thinner, lighter and more power-saving, If we can innovate the technology, these things are still very useful for handheld computers and game machines.
and TFT thin film transistor active matrix LCD is the mainstream application of LCD today.
it has the advantages of fast screen response, good contrast, high brightness and large viewing angle, As we all know, every dot of TFT LCD is composed of red, green and blueGenerally, the dot distance of a 15 inch resolution 1024x768 TFT LCD is about 0.30mm.
TFT LCD is different from CRT.
it has a fixed resolution, and its image quality is the best only at the specified resolution, and it can be expanded or compressed at other resolutions, In addition,
it should be noted that the traditional display will produce radiation source when it hits the screen due to the use of electron gun to emit electron beam. Although its existing products have greatly improved in technology and continuously reduced the radiation damage, it is still unable to cure; However, the radiation of liquid crystal display is very low.
the display screen of traditional display uses phosphor.
the image is displayed by striking phosphor with electron beam, so the brightness of display is brighter than that of liquid crystal transparent display, and the viewing angle is much better than that of TFT liquid crystal display.
however, the reaction speed of display is much faster than that of traditional display due to its technical advantages, The reaction speed is very good.
the reaction speed is very good
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