What's the difference? How to distinguish led from LCD
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LED is light emitting diode
LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode.
in fact, the so-called LED display screen.
compared with CCFL TV, it refers to the backlight of liquid crystal.

What's the difference? How to distinguish led from LCD

liquid crystal itself does not emit light.
it needs another light source to light up. Now we can use LED as backlight, so we have led display screen. Therefore, LED is not a display screen, It is just a device in the display screen.
LCD is the full name of liquid crystal display.
its structure is mainly to place liquid crystals in two parallel pieces of glass.
there are many vertical and horizontal small wires between the two parallel pieces of glass, which can control the direction of rod-shaped crystal molecules by power on or not, The difference between LED display and LCD display is that their backlight types are different: LED backlight and CCFL backlight (i.e. fluorescent lamp).
they are diode and cold cathode lamp respectively.
the difference between the two is that the color of LED backlight display is more bright.
the saturation is higher and the viewing angle is larger, Color gamut saturation is higher, color is more accurate.
price: LED backlit display screen is more expensive than ordinary LCD screen.
video playback: LED has higher refresh rate.
it has better performance in video.
refresh rate.
LED uses electric energy to convert into light energy and adopts injection principle, so its refresh rate is higher, Then it is better in video processing.
LCD is liquid crystal display, LED is light-emitting diode, and LED display is better than LCD displayLED has more advantages in brightness, power consumption, viewing angle and refresh rate.
the power consumption ratio of LED and LCD is about 10:1.
and the higher refresh rate makes led have better performance in video, and can provide up to 160 bandwidth ° It can display all kinds of text, numbers, color images and animation information, and can also play TV, video, VCD, DVD and other color video signals. Multiple displays can also be broadcast on the Internet.
the single element reaction speed of organic LED display is 1000 times faster than that of LCD screen.
it can also be looked after in strong light, And adapt to the low temperature of minus 40 ℃.
LED technology can be used to produce thinner, brighter and clearer displays than LCD, which has a wide range of application prospects.
on the other hand, it is a completely different concept.
LED is a kind of light-emitting diode, LCD is a liquid crystal display, the difference is too much, It is suitable for outdoor large screen display with low resolution. LCD is the abbreviation of liquid crystal display, which is a digital display technology. It can filter the light source through liquid crystal and color filter, and generate images on the flat panel.
compared with the traditional cathode ray tube (CRT).
LCD has the advantages of small space occupation, low power consumption, low radiation and no flicker, Reduce visual fatigue.
in the color LCD panel.
each pixel is composed of three LCD cells, in which there are red, green, or blue filters in front of each cell.
in this way.
light from different cells can display different colors on the screen.
in this way, light from different cells can display different colors on the screenNow,
almost all LCDs used in notebook or desktop systems use thin film transistors (TFTs) to activate the cells in the liquid crystal layer.
TFT LCD technology can display more clear and bright images.
the abbreviation of LED light emitting diode.
it is widely used in daily life.
for example, the indicator light of home appliances, The most prominent feature of LED is its long service life.
high photoelectric conversion efficiency.
LED modules are arranged into matrix or pen segments.
prefabricated into standard size modules.
the commonly used modules are 8x8 lattice modules (64 for monochrome) × One or two primary colors have 64 × In order to improve the brightness and increase the line of sight, more than two to dozens of LEDs are integrated into a cluster tube, As a pixel,
this led cluster tube is mainly used for making outdoor screen.
also known as pixel tube.
LED display screen assembles LED modules or cluster tubes into a matrix according to the actual size.
a LED display screen is composed of special display circuit, DC regulated power supply, software, frame and external decoration
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