What is the four line of TFTLCD
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It's a data line.
It is the data line.
TFT-LCD has reached the technical level:

What is the four line of TFTLCD

(1) both the horizontal and vertical angles have reached 170 degrees.
(2) the display brightness has reached 500 nits.
the contrast ratio is 500:1;
(3) the lifetime is more than 30000 hours.
(4) FSFC technology has been applied in industrial production<(5) large screen tft-lctv has entered into large-scale industrial production.
the image quality of tft-lctv has reached or even surpassed CRT, such as the resolution of 28 inch tft-lctv is 1920 × 1200, horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 170 degrees; The 38 inch TFT LC TV has been successfully developed; 40 inch TFT-LCD has been developed successfully.
(6) large area low temperature polycrystalline silicon TFT-LCD has been developed successfully.
and put into industrial production, the self scanning LCD of amorphous silicon TFT has been commercialized.
(7) reflective TFT-LCD color display has been commercialized.
for example, the resolution is 400 × 234.
the reflectivity of the 5.8-inch reflective display with 16:9 screen is 30%, the response speed is 30ms, and the power consumption is 0.15w.
(8) 730 × 920 mm substrate large screen production line has been successfully developed.
the large screen production line for larger size substrate is under construction.
(9) the commercialization of plastic substrate TFT-LCD has begun.
there are five kinds of plastic substrate products in Japan.
(10) backlight and inverter.
although the reflective LCD is being actively developed, However, the transmission TFT-LCD with backlight is still the mainstream product for quite a long timeBacklight is an important accessory.
a flat fluorescent backlight for LCD module has been developed in Germany.
the brightness can reach 5000-7000cd / m2, and the service life can reach 100000 hours.
some new self heating backlights can work normally in the range of - 40 ℃ to 85 ℃.
OEL backlight and high brightness LED backlight have been developed successfully.
and they have been used in TFT-LCD and linfineness.
the backlight has been developed successfully
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