How to connect USB interface with ARM chip
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Huabang W90P710 / w90n745 adopts arm's ARM7TDMI microprocessor core and 0.18 μ The standard working frequency can reach 80
Huabang W90P710 / w90n745 adopts arm's ARM7TDMI microprocessor core and 0.18 μ In addition, W90P710 / w90n745 also integrates USB 1.1 master / device controller, which enables various applications to connect various computer peripheral products through USB interface, The W90P710 / w90n745 integrates highly scalable EBI (external bus interface) interface.

How to connect USB interface with ARM chip

it can access ROM, flash, SDRAM, pcmcta card and other I / O components through EBI.
w90p7lo supports high-resolution TFT and STN LCD controller.
in addition to USB and EBI.
W90P710 / w90n745 also has UART interface, When designing various applications, customers can connect more devices, such as barcode scanner, VFD module, debugging port and Bluetooth module.
in addition to POS (point of sale) applications,
W90P710 is also suitable for data acquisition, data processing and data processing MCU: the standard operating frequency is 80 MHz.
W90P710 integrates abundant on-chip resources on the basis of arm7tdml to minimize the cost, reduce the expansion of the system and reduce the volume of the product.
smart card: the tda8007 chip with high cost performance and reliable performance is mounted through EBI bus.
this paper introduces the design and implementation of the smart cardIt can support tax control card and user card.
the card slot is on the back of the evaluation board.
memory module: in this design, the memory is mounted in the system through EBI bus.
the memory can reach 16MB.
the program memory adopts 8MB norflash.
it is divided into two areas, the first area stores boot code, kernel image and file system, The second partition is used to store data.
in order to meet the needs of big data storage.
this design also implements a pluggable NAND memory, which separates the data storage module from the system motherboard.
communication module: W90P710 supports three serial ports.
users can connect the scanning gun, VFD module, and A Mac is built in W90P710.
a 10 / 100Mbps network port can be built by adding PHY, and a USB host and USB device controller are built in. USB device can simulate serial port.
display module: W90P710 has built-in high-resolution TFT and stnlcd controller.
it supports 8-bit LCD module and 192 × 64, Support simple graphical interface, including menu and scroll bar, etc.
support VFD module display through SPI interface.
keyboard: support 16 key matrix keyboard and PS2 keyboard.
SD card: support SD card operation.
card slot is on the back of the evaluation board.
Audio: headphone slot.
can play sound.
debug module: use ice for tracking debugging and bootloader's first burning.
3.1 The design of tax controlled cash register based on W90P710 has embedded operating system, graphical operation interface, network processing, modem communication and file operationThe product is easy to expand.
it uses large screen LCD screen.
it realizes a better man-machine interface.
it has a unique data protection circuit.
it realizes high reliability and high anti-interference, and ensures the generation, storage and maintenance of tax data The hardware structure diagram is shown in Figure 2.
3.2 the application monitoring system of Huabang W90P710 in remote monitoring can be divided into real-time monitoring and trigger mode monitoring.
the appropriate monitoring mode can be designed according to the specific situation.
if real-time monitoring is adopted, more network resources will be occupied and the cost is relatively high, However, the operation cost of the trigger mode is lower.
after the trigger monitoring terminal is triggered.
start to take pictures; At the same time, its internal embedded control module completes the Internet access (including dial-up, PPP and TCP / IP protocol processing), and sends the captured image data to the control center host after packaging; After the host computer of the control center logs on to the Internet, it can browse the pictures sent by the monitoring point by running the server software.
there are two sockets (long) in front of the host computer, two of which are the USB interface and the ARM chip USD interface connection.
there are two sockets (long) in front of the host computer
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