Excuse me, which parts of the LCD is composed of, more details
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I'm a monitor. I'll tell you.. LCD, also known as panel LCD, the most expensive thing accounts for 80-90% of the cost. The first in the world is SHARP, which is made in Chinese mainland by Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Motherboard is also called driver board, right? LCD interface into VGA or DVI and other.. The interface and settings of our control menu are in the MCU of this board.. High voltage board high voltage bar inverter is generally divided into single lamp, double lamp, four lamp, 6 12 and so on. The size of the screen is that the low voltage to high voltage device is generally 12V to 900v AC device, which supplies power to the lamp in the LCD screen. Needless to say, the function of the keyboard.. The general type of power supply is 220 V to 12 v.. Shell.. Some also have speakers (with power amplifier or TV function). It consists of the following parts,. 1。 LCD module. Glass substrate: inside are liquid crystals and grid like printed circuits. Timing control: used to generate timing and voltage for controlling the deflection of liquid crystal molecules. Lamp tube: produce white light source. Backlight: the light generated by the lamp is reflected on the LCD screen. 2。

Excuse me, which parts of the LCD is composed of, more details

Control panel. It plays the role of signal conversion. The various input formats of the signal into a fixed output format of the signal.. 3。 Inverter. High pressure is generated to light the lamp..
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