What are the components of LCD splicing system
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What are the components of LCD splicing system

almost all display devices such as projector, LCD and plasma are used.
2. Splicing processor.
this is the core part of realizing splicing. Its quality directly affects the effect of the whole system. Splicing processor can be divided into internal and external. Most DLP rear projection splicing systems are equipped with internal splicing processing board, The core component of splicing processing board is FPGA chip. By programming the FPGA chip, it can amplify and divide the signal, and then output it to each display unit. The built-in processor often has single function, and the effect is not ideal. Therefore, most projects will be equipped with external splicing processor, and the external splicing processor should be industrial computer splicing processor as far as possible, In this way, it can effectively cooperate with the built-in processor and learn from each other.
3. Large screen system management software.
performs various display operations on signals, controls various hardware, and centralizes the management of the whole system.
the management software varies greatly due to the technical level and industry knowledge of development companies and developers.
therefore, in terms of specific performance, hardware and software management, it is necessary to improve the performance of the system There is a big gap in functions and operation convenience, so you should understand clearly when you purchase.
the principle of LCD splicing screen and screen resolution.
LCD splicing can be used as a separate display.
it can also be spliced into a large screen.
according to different use requirements.
to achieve variable large screen function:
single screen.
split display
single screen single display, any combination display, full screen LCD splicing, double splicing.
LCD splicing screen, vertical screen display.
image frame can be compensated or obscured
support digital signal.
roaming, zooming and stretching, cross screen display.
setting and operation of various display plans.
Full HD.
signal real-time processing.
LCD splicing is a complete product.
plug and play, installation is as simple as building blocks.
the use and installation of single or multiple LCD splicing are very simple
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