How many materials are there for MP4 screen? Which one is better?
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Manufacturers use different color LCD screens to meet the needs of display effect, shape design and production cost, so STN, TFT, LTPS, OLED and other professional technical vocabulary have entered the eyes of the majority of consumers. Let's take you to understand the technologies they use and comment on their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can have more face in purchasing and using them.
Manufacturers use different color LCD screens to meet the needs of display effect, shape design and production cost, so STN, TFT, LTPS, OLED and other professional technical words have entered the eyes of consumers.
let's take you to understand the technologies they use.

How many materials are there for MP4 screen? Which one is better?

comment on their advantages and disadvantages, STN LCD can be divided into CSTN and DSTN.
it is a reflective LCD device with low power consumption and long standby time compared with TFT-LCD screen, However, this is at the expense of other aspects of performance.
STN screen display is much inferior to TFT screen.
the difference between color brightness and brightness is particularly obvious, so STN screen is difficult to use in outdoor and other sunlight environment.
STN screen display response time is slow.
about 200 ms, STN-LCD screen usually appears in the early low-end color screen MP3 and MP4 products.
many 4096 color screen MP3 products below 1000 yuan often use this kind of LCD panel, which is rarely seen in new products, It is believed that it will be gradually replaced by other technologies in the future.
TFT (thin film transistor) is one of the active matrix liquid crystal display screens (am-lcd).
TFT-LCD screen is equipped with a special light source on the back of the substrate,It can "actively" control each independent pixel on the screen, which is the origin of the so-called active matrix TFT, which can greatly improve the display response time. Generally, the response time of TFT is relatively fast, less than 80ms.
and because TFT is an active matrix LCD.
it can make the arrangement of liquid crystal have memory, TFT can also improve the phenomenon of STN-LCD blurry flicker (water ripple).
it can effectively improve the ability of playing dynamic pictures.
compared with STN, TFT has excellent color saturation, low power consumption and low power consumption The disadvantages of color reduction ability and higher contrast ratio are relatively power consumption.
the production cost is relatively high.
TFT LCD screen is the most popular type of liquid crystal display at present.
it is widely used not only in MP3 and mp4 products, but also in desktop liquid crystal display, notebook computer, TV, mobile phone and other products, I'm sure everyone is familiar with LTPS TFT-LCD technology, LTPS screen is a new generation of technology products derived from TFT LCD.
LTPS screen is made by adding laser processing process to the traditional amorphous silicon (a-Si) TFT-LCD panel.
the laser processing process of LTPS screen is to melt the liquid crystal material by laser and recrystallize it.
compared with the amorphous silicon of a-Si TFT-LCD, It can achieve much faster (about 99 times) electron flow speed in transistors,LTPS LCD provides more design flexibility than other LCD technologies.
allows smaller transistors to be placed on the LCD panel.
it minimizes the space occupied by the screen peripheral circuits.
the number of components in ltps-lcd module can be reduced by 40%.
and the connection part can be reduced by 95%, In addition,
LTPS display screen has been greatly improved in terms of energy consumption and durability.
in terms of display parameters,
LTPS low-temperature polysilicon has made a great breakthrough, with horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 170 degrees, display response time of 12ms and display brightness of 500 nits, The contrast ratio can reach 500:1.
ltps-lcd technology has been born for many years, and has many advantages in performance.
due to the development of traditional a-Si TFT technology in recent years, LTPS TFT LCD screen manufacturing needs to be higher than traditional TFT-LCD technology level, and the number of manufacturers in the world is small, In 2004, Zhangbao Mobile Technology launched a dp7010 MPEG4 player, which uses a 7-inch low-temperature polysilicon (LTPs) high-resolution widescreen (16:9) display panel and supports up to D1 (720) playback × 480) DVD level image quality, and the display effect is very excellent.
the image quality of the system is very good
OLED screen.
organic light emitting diode (OLED) is essentially different from the traditional LCD display mode mentioned above.
it does not need backlight.
it uses very thin organic material coating and glass substrate, which will emit light when there is current passing through.
therefore, OLED screen can be lighter and thinner.
the viewing angle is larger, At the same time, it also saves power.
OLED screen has better display response time (less than 10ms) and color than TFT LCD screen.
it has more flexible characteristics, its component structure is simpler than the current popular TFT LCD screen, and its production cost is only about 30% to 40% of TFT LCD screen.
it has a wide range of applications in the future.
however, OLED screen is still in the research and development stage.
it has short service life, low cost and low cost Moreover, the technical problems such as the inability to make the screen bigger still need to be solved.
I believe you have seen a large number of 2-color or 4-color OLED products appear in the domestic MP3 market.
the display effect is excellent, It has become a development trend of LCD screen for MP3 products.
however, there are few products with full-color OLED screen.
recently, several MP4 products with price less than 1000 yuan appeared in China, All of them use 1-inch 65000 color OLED LCD.
South Korea neosol company has launched products with 2.2-inch full-color OLED screen.
through the above introduction.
it can be seen that various display technologies have their own unique features in working principle or manufacturing process.
At present, TFT-LCD display screen still occupies a dominant position in the market.
LTPS and OLED display screen, which have more advantages in performance, will show the advantage of low manufacturing cost after breaking through the technical bottleneck, and will become the first choice of portable audio-visual entertainment equipment in the future.
it depends on what brand you buy, and you should also be optimistic about the price and buy legitimate goods.
the price of LTPS and OLED display screen is higher than that of OLED display screen
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