OLED or LCD screen for playing games
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OLED or LCD screen for playing games

Because OLED eliminates the backlight group, the structure is simpler, and the pixels do not emit light when the display is black, so OLED saves more power under the same use conditions. In addition, due to the self luminous characteristics, the OLED screen without backlight has smaller afterglow, which is generally not so dazzling under the same brightness.. In contrast, the self luminous OLED screen is simple, light and thin, with smaller thickness and flexibility, which is more suitable for small wearable and curved screen devices.... Extended information:. matters needing attention:. Turn on the function of automatically adjusting the brightness, and turn down the brightness of the screen, which is the most effective way to prolong the life of the screen.. Shorten the mobile phone when not in use, the screen automatically shut down time, which can shorten the working time of the screen in the normally bright state, and indirectly improve the service life of the screen.. Only let each pixel work at the same frequency, aging together will not see the phenomenon of burning screen, so the screen had better be luminous, and the more consistent the time of different colors, the better. Changing wallpaper frequently is a good choice, of course, dynamic wallpaper is also OK.. Source: Baidu Encyclopedia - OLED screen. Source: Baidu Encyclopedia LCD. It depends on your hobbies and economic level. Of course, the individual is absolutely 22 inches good. Big screen, play is not the same, my family is 19 did not buy 22 a little regret..
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