The difference of Samsung LCD models
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The meaning of SamSung monitor model 2008-01-26
Samsung LCD model means 2008-01-26 09:26n: simplicity.
A: health.
b: fashion.

The difference of Samsung LCD models

MP: entertainment.
P: enjoyment.
LFD: professional.
W: widescreen.
Samsung LCD model name is basically "number + letter.
the number part is basically three digits, in which the first number or the first two numbers represent the size, such as 711n and 173p are 17 inches; 911n and 192mp are all 19 inches and so on.
while the letters behind the numbers are used as the distinction between grades and characteristics.
for example, those with "W" (Widescreen) are all wide screen LCD.
the author will decrypt these seemingly mysterious and profound LCD passwords one by one.
entry popular keywords: n.
that is" normal ", It's a popular series, which can be used for home and commercial use. It's one of Samsung's largest sales and most complete products. There are about 20 models of 15 inch, 17 inch, 19 inch and 19 inch wide screens.
the appearance of N series is basically the same.
all of them are designed with narrow borders. The OSD button is arranged at the bottom right of the screen. The base is round, and most of them have black and white colors to choose from, In terms of response time, brightness, contrast and other parameters,
except for 171n / 191n and 172n / 192n, the other N-series LCD displays are the mainstream configuration in the same size, but they all have no DVI-D interface,In terms of magic technology, Samsung basically has magic tune technology, magic bright technology, magic speed technology and other technologies.
Samsung 940nw.
product features and positioning: n series products have many models.
the size coverage is also relatively wide, and the appearance of popular type determines that it is suitable for both domestic and commercial use, with mainstream configuration, Samsung has some unique magic technology, and the price is approachable, which is the best choice for users who do not plan to match digital LCD and pursue high cost performance.
recommended models: 940nw (Widescreen), 940n +, 740nw (Widescreen), 740N +.
Digital fashion keyword: B.
b series is widely distributed in Samsung LCD product line.
from 17 inch, 19 inch From 20 inches to 22 inches, we can see its figure, with about 30 models.
digital fashion.
compared with the appearance of N series popular models.
b series is more fashionable, and unlike n series, which has only one face, different types of B series models even have different appearance, In order to meet the needs of consumers pursuing different personalities.
the workmanship of B-series is relatively exquisite.
OSD button basically adopts light touch or hidden type, and most models' bases can be adjusted, which is very humanized.
in terms of parameters and materials.
B-series mostly adopts Samsung's original b-tn panel, which can improve the response time and reduce the cost, So we can see that the slowest response time of B series products is 8 ms,The fastest 2ms is the highest level in the current market.
this is the reason why the sub series "BF" of B series appears.
"F" means "fast". Therefore, the response speed of products with "BF" is faster.
in terms of interface.
b series has dual interfaces of D-sub and dvi-d; In addition to magic bright, magic tune and magic speed of N series, magic zone and magic color are also introduced to make the color of images more colorful.
product features and positioning: B series products are rich.
appearance is fashionable, The DVI-D interface is ready for the coming of the digital age.
the powerful performance parameters enable users to have a better experience whether they are playing games or watching movies.
the price of this series of products is in the middle or higher level.
it has a good price performance ratio.
recommended models: 931bf, 940bw (Widescreen),
931bw (Widescreen), 206bw / 226BW (Widescreen), 205bw / 225bw (Widescreen).
health and environmental protection key words: A.
as we all know.
long time use of computer radiation and damage to human body is very serious. Although LCD has less stimulation to eyes than traditional CRT, its radiation is still not low, so many manufacturers have launched some products with health or environmental protection concept, Add some special technologies, such as Samsung's 730ba and 930ba
working principle of negative ion.
is the introduction of negative ion generator. When consumers use it, it can continuously release negative oxygen ions, and the increase of negative oxygen ions can make users calm and feel more comfortable, making users feel more happy, This series of products have also passed ROHS certification.
it means that the display does not contain lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, polybrominated biphenyls and other harmful substances; It has also passed tco03 certification, and has strict regulations on environmental protection, bioengineering, ergonomics, electromagnetic field radiation, energy saving, electrical safety, resource recovery and control of harmful substances.
Samsung 930ba.
in terms of appearance and parameters.
the a series products are not inferior, with fashionable and fresh appearance, chess like round switch, silver and black colors, In addition to the mainstream parameters of 700:1 brightness and 5ms response time, supplemented by Samsung's unique magic color technology, magic tune technology and magic bright technology, we can see that a series has never shrunk in configuration because of the negative ion generator.
product features and positioning: fresh appearance.
mainstream configuration, With the triple protection of negative ion generator, ROHS certification and tco03 certification, it is the first choice for consumers or enterprises who pay attention to green, healthy and environmental protection.
recommended model: 930ba.
low consumption and energy saving key words: G.
this is a series specially launched by Samsung for the Internet bar market.
this is the first choice for consumers or enterprises who pay attention to green, healthy and environmental protectionAt present, there are two products g17e and g19p with "g" as "green". The power consumption is only 28w, and the maximum is 38W, which fully reflects the green use of energy.
such low power consumption.
I believe that for an Internet cafe with dozens or even hundreds of units, it can save a lot of electricity expenses, The cost is effectively reduced.
low consumption and energy-saving.
in terms of appearance.
this series belongs to the popular type. It is worth mentioning that g17e is equipped with camera head bracket, while g19p is a mirror screen, which looks more fashionable and luxurious.
in terms of parameters.
the contrast is 600:1 and 700:1 respectively, and the response time is 8ms, which belongs to the mainstream configuration, while g19p is more in line with the trend, Equipped with D-sub and DVI-D dual interface.
product features and positioning: mainstream configuration.
the appearance of the public and such low power consumption, I believe it will be favored by many Internet cafes, and for small and medium-sized enterprises that need to reduce costs, This is also a good choice.
recommended model: g19p.
multimedia enjoyment key words: M.
this series is Samsung's LCD TV series.
it is also a series gradually promoted by Samsung, which is very suitable for home multimedia entertainment users.
M Series LCD has magic tuner function.
it can adapt to the standards of different countries and regions, and also supports picture in picture, It can listen to FM, etc.
because of its many attached interfaces,
it can even become the visual center of the family.
M Series LCD is a wide screen series.
M Series LCD is a wide screen seriesBoth of them have built-in TV tuner, which can receive cable TV programs, and are equipped with remote control, which makes it more convenient for users to operate; As a TV, M series of course also has built-in multimedia speakers, which can bring users unique auditory enjoyment; In addition, it also supports the connection of a variety of a / V devices. Whether it is DVD, VCR, or entertainment devices such as digital cameras, digital video cameras, PS2, X-box, etc., it can be easily connected to them, truly realizing the integration of multimedia output, At the same time, it also expands the application space of the display.
product features and positioning: the main consumer group is the family multimedia entertainment users.
because this series, no matter from a LCD or a TV, its picture performance and visual enjoyment are quite rich and excellent, which is very suitable for the use of LCD TV in families, Or it can be used as the output display part of the whole multimedia environment.
recommended model: 940mg.
professional application keyword: T.
the positioning of T series is mainly for professional users.
it is also more suitable for commercial applications, and the current product models are relatively rich, It covers 15 to 40 inches.
Samsung 403t.
this series of products have a lot of professional performance.
in appearance, it has a multi-functional rotating base, which can be adjusted from multiple angles; Screen vertical rotation function; The ultra narrow edge design is conducive to the application of multi screen splicing.
in the configuration, it can input multiple video signals.
it has ultra-high resolution and large display area, and has better picture performance, supporting picture in picture and double picture, etc.
and the models after 910t all start to use 16.7M true color MVA panel.
the color performance is more rich and realistic.
the color performance of the models after 910t is more vividBut it is also because of so many professional features.
so the price of this series is also high.
product features and positioning: it has many professional features.
such as ultra-high resolution, large display area, multi video signal input, picture in picture, double picture, etc. However, this series is often very expensive, which is not affordable by ordinary consumers, Because it emphasizes professional application rather than price, it is mainly aimed at professional users or commercial applications.
recommended model: 403t.
high end experiential keyword: P, X.
P Series LCD adopts Samsung's exclusive PVA or S-PVA panel.
it has very high viewing angle and contrast, and Samsung's color enhancement technology Contrast enhancement, detail amplification, color optimization and other processing procedures make the picture very vivid and lifelike.
Magic technology.
it has Samsung's magic stand, magic pivot, magic zone, magic color, magic tune, magic bright 2, magic speed 2 The magic stand and magic pivot are only available in this series.
high end experience.
in terms of appearance.
it adopts high-end piano paint, no OSD button, infrared induction switch, and the screen can rotate horizontally or vertically, which is very noble and luxurious.
X Series LCD is positioned as technology experience.
in the past, only 152x 172x,At that time, they all had the characteristics of ultra light and thin fuselage, ultra narrow frame, extremely fast response time, etc., but it was a flash in the pan, and then disappeared.
we are surprised to find that this letter appeared behind the P series, the new "PX" series was born, and the combination of "P" and "X" is needless to say, You can also imagine how powerful its performance will be.
product features and positioning: whether it's Samsung's industrial design strength or its scientific and technological content, its peak is basically reflected in this series of LCD, so the price is also very expensive, which is suitable for home users or enthusiasts with a very sufficient budget, I believe that this series of LCD will bring absolutely extraordinary experience and enjoyment.
recommended models: 971P +, 460px.
other models.
non mainstream series.
C series: at present, there is only one model 931c.
it is the world's first LCD with CCFL color gamut up to 97% of NTSC, which is much higher than that of ordinary NTSC with 72% - 82% gamut, This LCD has passed the certification of RoHS and TCO'03.
it has the fastest response time of 2ms, dynamic contrast ratio of 2000:1, dual interface design of D-sub and dvi-d, This display is fashionable and elegant, with outstanding appearance and excellent performance, so the price is much higher than the general 19 inch LCD.
G Series: the "g" here is not the "green" in the previous low consumption and energy-saving model.
G Series: the "g" here is not the "green" in the previous low consumption and energy-saving modelBut "glare" refers to "high-definition mirror screen", which can block the glare that irritates the eyes, make the picture clearer, and prevent dust and scratch.
at present, there are three types of 961gw, 932gw and 940mg on the market.
940mg has been mentioned in the previous "M series". "
the former two are wide screens with dynamic contrast up to 3000:1, The response time has also reached the fastest 2ms in the market, equipped with D-sub and DVI-D dual interface, and the price is slightly higher than the general 19 inch LCD.
V Series: both V series and N series belong to the entry-level popular type.
but they are not as good as N series in appearance and parameters. Magic technology only uses magic tune and magic bright, As a result, the price is cheaper, the models of this series are fewer and fewer, and they have almost been completely replaced by N series. So far, the last 913v of V series has been discontinued, and V series is very difficult to find in the market.
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