What does LCD monitor mean
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LED is light emitting diode
LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode. LED applications can be divided into two categories: one is led single tube applications, including backlight LED, infrared LED, etc; Another is led display. At present, there is still a certain gap between China and the world in the manufacturing of LED basic materials, but as far as LED display is concerned, China's design and production technology level is basically synchronized with the international level. LED display screen is a display device composed of light-emitting diodes. It uses low-voltage scanning drive, has the following characteristics: low power consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, less faults, large viewing angle, long visual distance and so on.. The original version of LCD is liquid crystal display, which is composed of the first letter of each word. In Chinese, it is often called "liquid crystal flat panel display" or "liquid crystal display". Its working principle is to make use of the physical properties of liquid crystal: when it is powered on, the arrangement becomes orderly, so that light can easily pass through; When the power is off, the arrangement is disordered to prevent the light from passing through. To put it simply, let the liquid crystal block or let the light pass through like a gate. The advantages of LCD are: compared with CRT display, the advantages of LCD mainly include zero radiation, low power consumption, small heat dissipation, small volume, accurate image restoration, sharp character display, etc... It is estimated that the building owner asked this, led Monitor LCD..

What does LCD monitor mean

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