Touch screen all in one machine capable of taking photos and signing
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Touch screen all-in-one machine that can take photos and sign, touch screen and OLED Forum
A touch screen all in one machine capable of taking photos and signing. P & E1 B    P( x( {: j, m+ k% [3 ?' |: i9 y4 C' p; v! \ 1 u% H8 DBrand: Sijie Judian - T6_ 7 m7 n% ]8 X2 ~; \ 5 F% y3 ]( O* g. \7 v7 s1 q) P8 TCompared with the infrared screen, the biggest selling point of the capacitive screen is multi touch.

Touch screen all in one machine capable of taking photos and signing

the capacitive screen needs to realize multi touch.
it depends on increasing the electrode of mutual capacitance.
in short.
it is to divide the screen into blocks, and set a group of mutual capacitance modules in each area to work independently, so the capacitive screen can detect the touch of each area independently, and then process it, Simple implementation of multi touch.
based on the common N1 touch all-in-one machine,
Chengdu Sijie Judian added the N2 capacitive screen version.
compared with the infrared screen of N1 product, the 2-point multi touch is increased to 10 points.
in the whole n series,
N2 touch all-in-one machine has more size choices, up to 32 inches, This will undoubtedly bring more choices to customers.
there are higher requirements for touch, such as touch sensitivity and multi-point touch.
this model can be considered.
the capacitive screen touch integrated machine produced by Chengdu Sijie Judian has the following characteristics: 1. High adaptability.
it is not disturbed by current, voltage and static electricity, and is suitable for some harsh environmental conditions (explosion-proof and dust-proof); 2. High light transmittance, no intermediate medium, up to 100%; 3. Long service life, high durability, no fear of scratch, long touch life, 70 million clicks; 4. Good performance,There is no force for touch, and there is no special requirement for touch body; 5. Support multi touch on win7 or above platform; 6. Support USB output; 7. The main material is cold-rolled steel plate or aluminum alloy above 1.5mm, and tempered glass or acrylic if necessary; The surface is treated with imported automobile paint; 8. Good compatibility of operating system, win7 or win10, Android 4.4.4; 9. Completely closed, maintenance free, adapt to harsh environment 10. Meet the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection, normal power <200W, standby power <1W, 2b + X; z# w) c0 \' y.
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