Medium and large size cover plate and Corning material
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Medium and large size cover plate and Corning material, touch screen and OLED Forum
1. Glass cover plate:        a. Looking for more than 15 inch cover plate, with a certain scale of suppliers" e- s; A3 }6 ^; Y; ]. ]/ p   j0 |7 k. _ 5 w$ ^. o/ k        b. Looking for professional watch, industrial control, car cover suppliers9 w- S    u8 }4 V$ _ 9 g        c. Looking for a stable supplier of Kangning raw materials, 9 P7 g (B% [, c! b( C2.FPC, m    v: B0 I2 x# {) f* x8 x. W        For medium and large size FPC module, BGA yield should be more than 95 and line width should be more than 0.05    Suppliers with yield above 95, long-term stable cooperation;" ~! s) B6 M0 [# F3, the supplier of nano silver material (ITO film) can contact me 'V, L-B * G & Z. V; k0 oQQ:1418323530     TEL    181 1874 5208' x+ N2 ^" d   \+ T7} - Z: Z.
Hello! Our main products are Japanese and Korean ITO film and OCA optical adhesive.
a-gauge quality, stable supply, low price processing, if you want to buy it, please hurry! In addition, our company also has various kinds of protective films and plates (PET / PC / acrylic / composite board, etc.) to provide, which can be die-cut (laminating / slitting / slicing), and the above materials are sold at high cost! Contact person: Zhang Sheng    Tel: 159 8661 8049    QQ: 690197935, I wish you all the best, thank you!, w1 S* O: D,g, [8 n% @! W.

Medium and large size cover plate and Corning material

the following materials are required: 9 | Q5 n.
P0 x7ka. Hongren2 {% T $J, M $V9 TB; n# S" Xc. New poplar & v% s    t) F3 n( w7 V7 o8 pd. New high: y * U% C5 X5 P. K - Pe. Taihong 4 B1 F2 {5}) ^! K3 rf. Linos 5 V-Z + c'n & T $o/ m2 _, ^! ~( w* l0 r$ h2. Electromagnetic membrane#^ 0 o, P: B (U1 O9 X. [A. Fang Bang;]! A* j4 c; G* ~b. Sanhui $p + C)} (K. [/ Pc. TOYO't7 L 'B4] 4 y & D & Y1 {' XD. Kono bridge 6 V! D & t0 {1 P2 R / N.
our company sells Corning raw materials.
for demand, please contact me qq824947407.
as the supplier of FPC substrate and electromagnetic film, please come in.
need materials.
please contact us
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