What's the difference between touch all in one machine and ordinary TV screen
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What's the difference between touch all in one machine and ordinary TV display? Touch screen and OLED Forum
With the continuous progress of human beings and the continuous development of science and technology, people's life has become more intelligent and convenient since entering the 21st century, which is the gospel brought to us by science and technology.
touch screen all-in-one machine also uses advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer and other advanced technologies in one, The user-friendly design and decent appearance once set off a buying boom in the touch screen all-in-one market.

What's the difference between touch all in one machine and ordinary TV screen

what is touch screen all-in-one? What advantages does it have? What is touch machine&# 8195; The touch screen all-in-one machine is a combination of advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer and other technologies.
it can realize public information query, and can meet the specific needs of fingerprint attendance, card swiping, printing, etc. with peripheral devices such as fingerprint meter, scanner, card reader, micro printer, etc.
the touch screen has four or five line resistance screen, surface acoustic wave screen, infrared screen Holographic nano touch film and other excellent touch screens at home and abroad.
can meet the needs of users in different regions The touch all-in-one machine is a kind of touch product that combines touch screen and related software together, and then equipped with external packaging for query purpose.
the touch all-in-one machine really integrates touch and control.
it greatly improves people's work efficiency.
& # 8195&# 8195; As an input device,
the touch screen used in the touch all-in-one machine has the advantages of durability, fast response speed, space saving, high reliability and so on It has many advantages, such as easy communication.
users can quickly get the information they want by touching the machine screen gently with their fingers.
this makes the human-computer interaction more straightforward.
users can really feel the characteristics of human-computer interaction freely.
What's the difference between touching a machine and ordinary TV&# 8195; 1. Touch technologySupport USB interface touch screen, support handwriting input function, cooperate with other software to realize electronic whiteboard, drawing and other interactive functions&# 8195; 2. Adjustable touch special base&# 8195; 3. Multi touch.
the maximum support is 36 point touch, and ten fingers can be used together. Your sharp operation makes other players blush.
&&# 8195; 4. Professional design 30 °— ninety °、 Large elevation angle, adjustable.
touch the special base of the model, allowing users to adjust the best angle at will.
& # 8195&# 8195; 5. Resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen, optical touch screen, acoustic touch screen.
precise positioning.
& # 8195&# 8195; 6. Touch no drift.
automatic correction, precision operation.
&&# 8195; 7. You can touch it with your fingers.
soft pen.
& # 8195&# 8195; 8. High density touch point distribution: more than 10000 touch points per square inch&# 8195; 9. High definition.
work without glass.
low requirement for environment.
high sensitivity.
suitable for all kinds of environment.
&&# 8195; 10. It is equipped with a high-performance resistive, capacitive and infrared touch screen with a lifetime of more than one million clicks.
it does not need to use a mouse or keyboard, and all operations of the computer can be realized by clicking or swiping the screen with a finger, The biggest innovation of touch computer is that it uses multi touch technology.
it completely changes the way people interact with computers.
the most important innovation of touch computer is that it uses multi touch technologySource: http://www.revotouch.com/. }; o    Y) v8 ~/ F9 _.
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