Reverse disassembly and fitting service
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Our company focuses on the disassembly of TP and full fit. Our goal is to turn the disassembled products into new products after processing5 u1 I! j6 e6 m8 \7 |" M; h; ^ Split items: + L: a + |; L/ N) E5 y/ H. rCover plate: OCA and water glue can be removed, water glue is our strength, as well as the repair of scratches, the yield rate can reach more than 95! N8 a6 _ 4 ]0 wWire arrangement: after the wire arrangement is removed, we will conduct hot pressing 3 I0 L / A & J, D5 Q4 Z4 L for flatnessModule: remove the OCA and water glue, the yield can reach more than 95 8 o, S8 K $H & @, Q9 J, F4 U% GFitting service: our company has its own optical glue (Japanese technology) and protective film, which can save more for customers in the production cost. We control the cost from details, so that customers can have better advantages. Thank you& o" \: v- x5 {8 l。

Reverse disassembly and fitting service

Is there any removal fluid that can be removed by OCA on the cover plate. Yes, we can add wechat: pagaluaxy...
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