Chengdu Sijie Judian technology touch screen Co., Ltd
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Chengdu Sijie Judian technology touch screen Co., Ltd% w6 S5 I- j% P3 o7 X* I- _    g; G' C4 k) E/ v% s: a* _7 Z1 E) O9 u, E4 u $m Chengdu Sijie Judian touch control Co., Ltd. is a high-quality supplier (manufacturer) of intelligent multi-function touch screen integrated products and equipment for China's smart city (smart Sichuan | smart Chengdu). Company address: Sijie Judian touch query integrated machine (query machine) on the 16th floor, unit 2, building 7, airport international city, No. 280 Baijia section, Dajian Road, Shuangliu City, Chengdu. Its appearance is fashionable and elegant, It adopts a brand new imported display, direct LED backlight, high brightness, high contrast, with industrial multi touch screen, full screen precise touch, no need to click, The user can really feel the supreme experience of human-computer interaction with a touch.
the application platform software can be customized according to the user's needs.

Chengdu Sijie Judian technology touch screen Co., Ltd

it can fully reflect the powerful functions of the equipment. The queuing system (queuing machine) in Sijie Judian service hall can well solve the queuing, waiting, congestion and chaos that people encounter in the business, and truly create a comfortable, fair and harmonious environment On the surface,
all kinds of service halls introduce not only one kind of equipment, but also advanced technology to ensure fairness and justice, thus limiting uncivilized behavior.
so as to improve the service quality of the hall Set up a good image of the unit.
create a user-friendly service environment.
SJJ Judian multimedia display system (advertising machine) has a fashionable and elegant appearance.
it adopts a brand new imported display screen, straight down LED backlight, high brightness, high contrast, and supports 1080p high-definition display.
SJJ Judian multimedia display system (advertising machine)The system integrates the diversity and vividness of multimedia information (picture, text, animation, video, audio).
it realizes the remote centralized management of information release and content update at any time, so that the audience can receive all kinds of fresh information in a short time, and it will become an important carrier of information construction.
it can not only provide timely, comprehensive, high-quality, high-quality information Efficient information services and new cultural atmosphere.
can also greatly enhance the overall image of the environment, It is also the inevitable trend of modern architecture.
the display sizes of some information and system features of SJJ touch screen all-in-one machine are 16-84 inches, 16-18.5-19-21.5-22-32-42-55-65-84 inches and some non-standard sizes are 13.5-26-46-70-100-98 inches. The cabinet of SJJ touch screen all-in-one machine is made of cold-rolled steel plate, imported metal paint, aluminum alloy wire drawing panel High definition resolution of surface tempered glass    1920 * 1080 meets the ergonomic design, easy to use, low power consumption, green, environmental protection, energy saving, touch points 2:6:10, neat wiring layout, avoid wire miscellaneous, chaotic security risks, elegant appearance, high-end atmosphere, elegant and generous, high-definition display, vivid color, simple and beautiful interface.
comprehensive graphics, text, animation, sound, It has rich and colorful performance, intuitive interface, standard, convenient and flexible operation, and good interaction performance. No matter whether the user has contacted the computer or not, as long as he touches the screen with his finger, he can carry out information retrieval and browsing, with beautiful appearance, reasonable structure design, good heat dissipation and insulation performance\7 L; z0 O4 n* t2 X; s; A.
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