Vertical advertising machine LCD advertising screen
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Vertical advertising machine LCD advertising screen    B( `, B! T1 ^( ^8 R( f0 e* r4 k: r+ \6 V5 H8 x8 p5 }% H0 U% g5 Z; M Brand: Sijie Judian1 Q# _+ \ 4 h0 K6 N9 x* u8 v9 @3 q7 U; c) T# R! f4 G2 C, P7 n3 K' q6 {3 E" KAluminum alloy frame, imported metal paint, surface toughened glass remote control settings, easy to operate and improve confidentiality, cabinet built-in speaker, stereo audio output support power-off memory function, program content password protection, rolling subtitle running text, so that more ways to display information content at the same time, clock display, directly attract the attention of office workers, improve the push effect, simple and convenient installation, The installation method is flexible and the operation is simple. Just plug in the memory card and connect the power, you can use the fashionable and generous appearance. It is suitable for all kinds of information exhibitions in high-end places. The timing switch can be set to realize the intelligent management, so as to ensure the service life of the machine. The humanized and intelligent control can set the volume of different periods of time, Does not affect the rest support network version and stand-alone version support wireless WiFi function   S' e, a" k3 ? 6 S/ K0 d; l+ |: `" ^   [# n: e% ?。

Vertical advertising machine LCD advertising screen

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