Overview of bar full color LED special shaped display equipment - Shenzhen caishida
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Overview of bar full color LED heteromorphic display equipment - Shenzhen caishida, touch screen and OLED Forum
Nowadays, the LED display market is showing great changes, from the fixed installation of LED display to mobile rental LED display, and then to the current LED special-shaped screen.
in addition to the traditional information display and other functions, the appearance requirements of LED display are also further improved, To make it better adapt to the overall structure and use requirements of the environment.

Overview of bar full color LED special shaped display equipment - Shenzhen caishida

LED special-shaped display screen is a special shape LED display screen based on the LED display screen.
the new product is characterized by better adaptability to the overall structure and environment of the building, and its size and size can be customized according to the requirements.
the size can be customized.
the shape can be any composition, Unique design is widely used in various fields.
one of them, naked eye 3D effect, which can be directly viewed with naked eyes, is gorgeous, rich and has a strong sense of three-dimensional, and is used in bar KTV.
bar is the representative of night.
it adds great entertainment way for us in our spare time. Try to imagine that without the existence of night entertainment, we can go to work, eat and sleep, How boring life will become! It is precisely because of this that night entertainment attracts people deeply.
LED special-shaped screen, eye wrapped 3D led DJ table, led spherical screen and led creative screen produced by Shenzhen caishida optoelectronics add color to the night of the bar! If you want to have a deeper understanding of the "project budget", "how to construct" and "model selection" of bar led special-shaped display screen and naked eye 3D led DJ screen, please contact us! 2、 Bar full color LED electronic display selection guide: Generally speaking, most of the bar LED displays have led stage background screen, naked eye 3D led DJ screen, various shapes of screens made of conventional modules1. Firstly, the LED stage background screen can be spliced into a square LED display screen according to the shape of the module.
triangle LED display screen, trapezoidal LED display screen, circular LED display screen, wavy LED display screen.
naked eye 3D led background wall.
as shown in the figure: 2. The auxiliary wall led display screen can give a reasonable scheme according to the size of the site and the shape of the wall decorations, The LED electronic display screen can be spliced into scattered led full-color display screen, regular hexagon LED display screen, ring field led full-color electronic display screen, etc.
as shown in the figure: 3. If there are columns in the bar field.
the LED display module can be spliced into cylindrical LED display screen, ring LED display screen, horn shaped LED display screen, etc., as shown in the figure: 4 The ceiling of a bar can also be decorated with LED full-color screens.
for example, some led rings with three sides can be hung.
the sky curtain.
5. The naked eye 3D led DJ screen of a bar has successfully replaced the 3D projection DJ platform.
according to the 3D materials, a unique and dynamic DJ platform can be created.
generally speaking,
the bar designers only need to provide effect videos or drawings, or the design drawings of the bar venue, Our company's business personnel can calculate the good screen size and modeling drawings, so as to get the project budget of Shenzhen led full-color electronic screen manufacturer.
1. Design of preliminary scheme and offer free quotation. 2. If it is a large bidding project.
technical engineers can be sent to the customer's site for technical support. 3. Customers come to the company to visit the factory for negotiation, We can pick up and drop off customers at the airport or near the customers for free. 4. Our company can provide customers' CAD drawings of steel structure for free, and send engineers to guide the installation. 5. Train one or two technical operation and maintenance personnel for customers for free. 6. Provide two years of free technical support and screen maintenance for free,Maintenance.
4. What are the LED indoor full-color displays.
what kind of display should be used in bars? In fact, there are many indoor LED display models, including P2, p2.5, P3, P4, P5, p6.
however, due to the upgrading of technology and the reduction of the cost of raw materials, more and more customers choose small spacing models, such as P3, p2.5, and even p2.5.
according to the market demand reaction,
P4, P5 has become the mainstream of the market, It is widely used in indoor full-color LED display.
you can see more cases about bar full-color LED display.
if you want to know the price of LED display and the size of LED electronic display, you can consult our staff, Welcome to.
, our service is more affordable, more affordable, richer products, bar night special custom LED display product introduction bar night custom awesome LED display is a LED display.
rich color.
consists of three primary colors (red, green, blue) display unit board.
red, green, blue each 256 grads constitute 16777216 colors. The electronic screen can display dynamic images with rich colors, high saturation, high resolution and high display frequency.
the special-shaped LED display screen customized at night bar has clear picture.
the color is uniform and the brightness is high, and the ultra-high brightness LED is used, which is still clear and visible from a long distance.
the effect is good; Non linear correction technology is used.
the image is clearer and the sense of hierarchy is stronger; Strong reliability: it adopts distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, with higher reliability and stability; Display mode diversification: support a variety of display modes; Easy to operate: using general video playback software,It makes the operation of the system very convenient.
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