Some daily maintenance knowledge of using touch all in one machine
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Use touch all in one machine for daily maintenance knowledge, touch screen and OLED forum
Touch all-in-one machine is widely used in people's life. It is an electronic product widely used by people to handle business and query information.
it can use touch screen instead of mouse or keyboard.
therefore, when using it, we only need to touch the touch screen installed on the front of the display with fingers or other objects, Then the system can locate and select information input according to the icon or menu position touched by the finger.

Some daily maintenance knowledge of using touch all in one machine

What are the common sense of touch all-in-one machine? The LCD touch screen of all-in-one touch-screen machine should be well protected.
therefore, in order to avoid the internal burning of the screen, When using, try to avoid displaying the same picture for a long time.
if you are not using it.
be sure to turn off the display (the key is at the "switch" in the lower right corner).
do not attach heavy objects to the touch all-in-one machine bracket. Do not attach extra heavy objects to the all-in-one machine or bracket.
because the bracket (or wall hanging part) is only designed to bear the weight of the LCD touch all-in-one machine.
please Do not collide or vibrate the screen strongly to avoid damage, short circuit or deformation of the board.
do not disassemble the touch all-in-one machine without permission. Please be careful when moving or handling the touch inquiry all-in-one machine.
at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the voltage of the transformer behind the LCD is still very high; Pay special attention to safety.
do not open the back cover of the monitor when it is charged.
wipe and touch the all-in-one screen frequently to keep the screen clean.
when there is dust on the all-in-one screen, the correct cleaning method should be to gently wipe it with deerskin or high-grade eyewear cloth, Remove the dust on it.
if it is for fingerprints and oil stains on the LCD screen.
use the special cleaner for LCD electronic whiteboard screenWhen using the cleaner, you should also pay attention to it.
wipe it from the center of the screen until the cleaner on the screen is wiped clean.
touch all-in-one machine should be far away from dusty, humid or high-temperature areas to avoid excessive dust, humidity or high temperature When using the all-in-one machine in harsh environment such as strong light,
avoid approaching or contacting articles with high heat source and corrosive chemicals to avoid damage.
please pay attention to fire prevention.
avoid approaching fire source to avoid damage.
the manufacturer of Lovol touch all-in-one machine reminds large users.
touch screen all-in-one machine is not waterproof, and water droplets will seriously affect the response speed of touch screen, Therefore, it should be prevented from being wet by rain " U0 q0 b: y0 U0 F* l.
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