Common problems and solutions in touch screen production
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Common problems and solutions in touch screen production, touch screen and OLED Forum
On the long-term problems in production: when we can't make more orders, we want to deliver the goods to the customers on time and quickly. Relying on the stable quality, fast delivery time and affordable price, we can bring more orders to the company continuously. However, we are suffering from the uncontrollable factors such as difficult recruitment, difficult retention, staff turnover at any time, and the rising labor cost every year, The instability of production efficiency and yield will have a great impact on your production and the development of the company, which will increase the cost of manpower and time. Labor cost, time cost, material purchase and loss cost and other factors have a great relationship with the company's profitability. How to reduce their own costs and improve the company's profit? Therefore, Shenzhen gite automation equipment Co., Ltd. launched a series of touch screen back equipment to reduce labor demand, reduce labor cost, improve work efficiency and shorten time cost, The improvement of product yield, reduce the cost of material loss, let Shenzhen gite escort your production, flying high, thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to see the information I sent you, I wish you a prosperous business, happy life* Q9 i. o; t! Z4 ]- v1 z& w- j# B: j: ^4 S   A1 l% o    w# M1 X# _) O! W    O。。。

Common problems and solutions in touch screen production

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