Cutting processing of explosion proof membrane
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Explosion proof membrane cutting, touch screen and OLED Forum
Advantages: no yellow edge, no burning edge, no curling edge, no rough edge, smooth and smooth, random size does not affect the processing technology of the product.
the table is flat.
it is stable and durable   .# | 6 a" f; Y + I. {Qunying laser pet touch screen laser cutting machine, capacitive screen laser cutting machine.

Cutting processing of explosion proof membrane

the main configuration is CO2 RF laser imported from the United States.
the machine has stable performance.
it is equipped with upper and lower air extraction system.
non reflective cutting platform, flat, stable and durable.
7 X5 N9 u5k: I8 g # O3 W & S - G7 ]( Q- L" Q) x) X/ c$ BIt can be used in touch screen, capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen, analog touch screen, touch panel, four line touch screen, five line touch screen (touch transparent switch), film switch, PC, pet, OCA optical adhesive, polarizer, double-sided adhesive, etc The cutting of adhesive.
and other products.
the edge is smooth without burr, the corner is smooth, and the fillet is completed at one time.
the cutting of adhesive.
and other products is completed at one time-G5 U - Q5 R1] 6 M0 g. |. [6 L is used in many industries such as mobile phone touch screen, electrical glass, tablet computer, led liquid crystal display, polymer filter membrane, medical devices, electronic high-precision products, etc.
the whole machine has excellent performance.
the cutting speed is fast, the operation is stable, and it can work continuously 24 hours a day, with high production efficiency.
& M    P6 Q* W% U% z0 B& x5 r& r2 P% VApplicable materials: film sheet, gasket (mobile phone gasket), 3M, OCA optical adhesive, polarizer, pet, Pt, PC, PP, PS, PCR, SMT, ITO, EMI, El, all kinds of tape materials, touch panel, electronic paper, optical film, switch film, electronic insulation material, dust-free cloth, foam, acrylic, plexiglass, light guide plate, backlight, cold light sheet, two-color board, fiberboard Plastic, leather, cloth and other fabrics, clothing accessories, wood board, high density board, cardboard (paper), printed circuit board, etc.
in this paper, the development trend of textile industry is analyzed. z3 ^: _/ ?; x& k* I) G7 N+ ?Contact: Zou Sheng. D! R: B6 f+ r4 G# MTel: 139185989797 Q* b' [0 ^: U2 K. ^: S/ n.
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