GDM Technology
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Our company specializes in the design and production of UV pattern processing molds and products. We are the exclusive supplier of Samsung; There are Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 (black and white), Galaxy note3, Galaxy mini (black and white), Galaxy mega, Galaxy S4 zoom, Galaxy S4 active, I-Watch, tizen, gravity Q, Galaxy gear, Galaxy mega, Galaxy roud and many models and patterns under development.
the texture effects include wire drawing, double texture, hologram, 3D effect, etc; These products are attached to the reverse side of cover lens or UV printed to the reverse side of glass.
GDM (glass direct UV molding technology, etc.) reflecting various pattern effects of lenses (international patent for texture treatment of OCA UV film, UV pattern treatment on glass, etc.) / mass production in February / future trend).

GDM Technology

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want to know more about it.
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