What's the price of P2 full color LED display equipment in office hall
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What's the price of P2 full color LED display equipment in the office hall - Shenzhen caishida, touch screen and OLED Forum
How to compare the HD full-color LED display models: how to choose full-color LED display? When many customers choose LED display manufacturers, almost all of them will receive the plans made by each manufacturer for their projects, so how to preliminarily select the LED display manufacturers according to the plans.
caishida optoelectronics offers you suggestions: provide simulation plans or better suggestions for actual needs and operability.

What's the price of P2 full color LED display equipment in office hall

help customers analyze and plan reasonably, and make cost-effective plans, In order to become a reliable partner for users.
1. Provide or require the manufacturer to analyze the data of project installation and application environment.
predict the occurrence events and propose preventive and solving measures, and then make a comprehensive evaluation of the whole project plan; 2. Clear their own needs, input budget and expected results; 3. Different LED production process, screen assembly process and installation technology experience will directly affect the construction period, cost, safety performance, display effect and quality, service life and maintenance cost of the whole project. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and compare the performance characteristics of products and projects from manufacturers or various aspects in advance, and select the scheme suitable for their own needs; 4. Understand the strength, integrity, service content and quality of the manufacturer, which are the foundation and guarantee for the good and long-term cooperation of the project.
5. Show the demand for the project and the future development plan in detail.
ask the seller to provide the implementation plan, even the expandable function, expansion budget and plan of the project, In order to avoid unnecessary waste of resources because the project is not suitable for future development needs; Full color LED display function: 1. Video function (1) real time display of true color video image, realize live broadcast and playback function( (2) connect the camera, clear and flicker free real-time display of video image, practical display of true color video image,(3) Realize live broadcast( 4) Broadcasting, cable TV and other programs( 5) Play video programs such as VCD, DVD, LD, etc. to meet the basic requirements of video signal playing; Support pal, NTSC, SECAM and other formats. (6) realize the editing and playing functions of text image superimposing text information, panoramic, close-up, slow motion, drag and drop image and other special effects.
(7) meet the needs of artistic performance( 8) Can play avi, MOV, mpg, DAT, VOB and other formats of the file.
(9) a variety of text, font options( 10) The brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can be adjusted by software.
the range of adjustment is 256 levels.
(11) it has the functions of VGA + video, video, video, and so on VGA has three display modes.
(12) video image compression control function.
(13) horizontal / vertical position compensation function.
2. Text / graphics / information release function. (1) rich playback modes.
display flow information, notification, slogans, etc., with large storage capacity( 2) There are a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from; You can also input English, French, German, Greek, Russian, Japanese and many other foreign languages( 3) The broadcasting system has multimedia software, which can input and broadcast a variety of information flexibly( 4) There are more than 20 broadcast modes, such as left and right scrolling, up and down scrolling, left and right pushing, up and down pushing, rotating, zooming, fading and so on.
(5) at the same time, network data information is displayed through network connection.
Dear customers.
please provide the following information when purchasing LED display: 1. Installation environment: please explain the installation environment of pre made LED display first,Indoor or outdoor, to be wall mounted or column or other ways.
2. Viewing distance: provide close viewing distance of LED display screen.
3. Model and specification: ① outdoor full-color LED display screen model: P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, p16, P20. ② indoor full-color LED display screen model: p1.25, p1.567, p1.667, p1875, p1.923, P2, p2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, p7.62 P10 ③ removable mobile rental LED display model: p2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, p3.91, p4.814, area size: Please specify the LED display area to be made.
determine the specific length and width of the display, So that we can give you a more detailed quotation scheme for screen production.
if it's just an approximate area.
we can recommend you to make the conventional length width size according to the ratio of 4:3 or 16:9, so that the length width ratio of the screen is more coordinated and the display effect is perfect.
for the selection of screen specifications and models.
the production area and viewing distance of the screen should be considered at the same time.
5 Quotation scheme: if you want to make an LED display now.
or you have decided to make an LED display, but you don't know what costs and equipment will be used, the main hardware materials for making full-color LED display, and the main reference technical performance of full-color LED display, Welcome to inquire.
customers who want to know more about the full-color LED display project.
I can give you a detailed quotation scheme of full-color LED display, including hardware material specifications, display performance and technical parameters, auxiliary equipment cost list, various cost details, logistics and transportation, steel frame structure design This article is from caishida,If you need LED display device, please contact us0 _/ s+ ? 6 }.
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