Test report printing terminal "Sijie Judian" query terminal customization
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Test report printing terminal "SJJ Judian" query terminal customization, touch screen and OLED Forum
Test report printing terminal query terminal customization, `% B$ [, p* \* O3 x; O1 p * {$U0 | $r brand: Sijie Judian4 r7 }! W7 K $A9 y # o self-service terminal is a kind of product that combines touch screen and related software together, and then adds external packaging for query purposes; With the strengthening of globalization and the acceleration of information construction, the demand for production services in various industries is increasing, and the demand for self-service terminals is increasing rapidly, such as business hall, electric power, telecommunications, stations, retail outlets, airports, tourism, hotels, exhibition halls, libraries, driving schools, finance, customer service centers and many other public places. Query terminal, all-in-one terminal, self-service terminal, self-service printer, self-service terminal, self-service numbering machine, self-service number fetching machine, self-service report printer, inspection report printer, business hall | driving school hall | vehicle management office self-service printing number fetching machine realize one-stop service of report printing information query, modular design, beautiful appearance and high security; Powerful function; Simple maintenance; The appearance color and style of the cabinet can be designed according to customers' own requirements. Processor: low power dual core CPU 2G memory cabinet: cold rolled steel plate, imported metal paint touch screen: infrared screen brightness: 250cd / m2, working temperature: normal temperature; Power supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz, panel protection level: advanced, peripherals can be added according to the needs of the industry8 s0 i" c. N/ }) U8 Y: u/ J* q, X6 ]2 x& h2 I    M1 r。。。。。

Test report printing terminal

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