Vehicle queuing and calling system
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License plate number selection machine of Vehicle Management Office [SJJ Judian] vehicle queuing system, touch screen and OLED Forum
Vehicle registration system 4 K4 K7 | & V! p, I, v" @2 a6 q9 w3 r+ `: f3 ?/ V/ i: LBrand: Sijie Judian0 `+ v" k7 y! G+ d2 C* p2 W' \. r; L6 d. }+ ?$ The self-service number selection machine developed and produced by VSJ Judian Technology Co., Ltd. is a self-service terminal specially designed for the vehicle management office. It can help people choose their own satisfactory license plate number by themselves. It has the characteristics of simple operation, high efficiency and low error rate. The handler only needs to input the corresponding information on the screen to enter the number selection interface and select his favorite number: [7 Y3 X. C. K    EThe use of self-service number selection machine can effectively alleviate the congestion in the vehicle management office, and improve the image of the unit, which is widely praised by the work and staff.6 W& h" U6 m4 s) B) ?/ In addition to the self-service number selection machine, the self-service terminal developed by Sijie Judian also has many other functions, such as queuing, printing, payment, scanning and so on. There are various shapes, configurations, software and peripherals to meet your needs_ 2 a' m4 f9 Q. R9 U# I1 S' b5 K$ {! S" S3 g4 t% f& W$ Q/ {7 C。

Vehicle queuing and calling system

Sijie Judian (southwest region) touch screen self service number selection machine....
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