84 inch LCD multi media information release terminal
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84 inch LCD, multimedia information publishing terminal, touch screen and OLED Forum
84 inch LCD multi media information release terminal*M $^ "H5 D7 o - R0 t brand: SJJ Judian 4 N / F: M6 B8 D! dChengdu Sijie Judian's floor type information release terminal is light and thin, with touch and wireless functions. The system integrates video, picture and text playback functions. The mobile phone operating system adopted by the product is easy to be accepted by users.
the machine itself can be entertained.
it can also be human-computer interaction. It is a real intelligent advertising playback system.

84 inch LCD multi media information release terminal

on the desktop.
for example, bars, cafes, music and teahouses, Restaurants, waiting halls, waiting halls and other places where people gather, provide customers with a kind of entertainment advertising, publicity and broadcasting system.
let customers accept the implanted advertisements while waiting.
vertical information publishing terminal is a new generation of intelligent devices.
through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, it forms a complete advertising broadcasting control system, And through pictures, text, video, small plug-ins (weather, exchange rate, etc.) and other multimedia materials for advertising.
is the most popular and attractive advertising carrier.
vertical information publishing terminal can be used in a wide range.
it can be used in comprehensive exhibitions, companies, shopping malls, hotels, government agencies and other places to achieve publicity, guidance and navigation The function of information query.
the power of the whole machine meets the national energy consumption standard.
the power consumption is less than 1W.
the screen is green and environment-friendly, without harmful radiation.
with high-definition LCD screen.
it is the industry's top in terms of transmittance and other parameters.
industrial control level control system.
stable and reliable performance, highly integrated design, integrated packaging, integrated transportation, without installation,It can be used after power on.
the screen click life is more than 70 million times.
the service life of the whole machine is more than 60000 hours, stable and reliable.
the screen click life is more than 70 million times.
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