7028 HF exposure resistant development protection ink
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7028 HF resistant development protection ink, touch screen and OLED Forum
This post was edited by elechemzjg at 11:06, December 22, 2017 [0 H7], F "t"   ~$ }. w8 F9 Q2 j! j9 y! d: With the approaching of 5g commercialization time, the voice of using glass or ceramics and other materials for mobile phone back cover is also growing. In order to be beautiful, the local Ag process of glass back cover is also in full swing on the market "stage", and 7028 ink also emerges as the times require. The ink can also be used for the production of camera etching rib glass+ F8 R( w0 x( F" k8 {' Y3 s+ rThe ink can be used in screen printing or spray process. After exposure and development, the edge of the ink pattern is sharp, the film is easy to fade, and the effect of anti frosting, liquid throwing and HF is excellent. 5 Q3 s4 F9 Z/ Y; \ 7 ?At present, we have cooperated with several representative customers in batch shipment, and have accumulated some experience in process application.! ` If you are interested, please make an appointment. 4 c0 g, E, Q* n* K3 s6 T2 Z' y1 J5 [9 u5 h) S# E5 |4 jMr. Zhang / Zhihua% d: v; K+ e: U4 D' G' QMobile:+86 138235609409 |+ h* k    e8 j3 X/ v& HAddress: 3rd floor, block B, 20 Gaoxin West Road, Guangming New District, Shenzhen    I' a$ L2 \3 u1 I- L4 e; @* _" o# I8 v& l3 W。。。

7028 HF exposure resistant development protection ink

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