Outdoor LED display fixture ushers in a new trend of development - Shenzhen caishida
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Outdoor LED display fixture ushers in a new trend of development - Shenzhen caishida, touch screen and OLED Forum
At present, the market potential of LED fixed display is huge. According to relevant data, in 2016, the domestic LED fixed display accounted for 83.4% of the domestic LED display market, and the overall market was about 24.1 billion yuan. It is estimated that the domestic LED fixed display market will reach 29.1 billion yuan by 2018, and from 2015 to 2018, The annual growth rate of the domestic LED display fixture market is 8.72%.

Outdoor LED display fixture ushers in a new trend of development - Shenzhen caishida

the growth rate of the fixture market is good.
enterprises seize new opportunities for development.
actively research and develop new products.
carry out new technologies.
better interact with users, strengthen user experience, etc.
at the same time, they continue to open up new markets.
1 The LED display market in the digital era of small spacing outdoor fixed LED display.
small spacing LED display is undoubtedly the focus of people's attention.
taking the rise of small spacing LED as an opportunity.
actively enter the outdoor large screen display market, It has also become an important strategic layout for LED display enterprises.
with the continuous development and maturity of small spacing technology and process,
outdoor fixed LED display products have been continuously small spacing from P20, p16, P10 and P8 to meet the universal application needs in different occasions.
take bus stops as an example.
with the development of smart city, the development of smart city has brought about a new trend, The bus stop sign is expected to gradually enter the intelligent era.
at that time, it will combine the LED display screen with the bus system.
it will form a powerful electronic bus platform.
the intelligent bus dispatching system can record the running time, position and distance between the front and rear vehicles at any time.
it can also check the number of people in the car through the video system, so that it can make appropriate adjustments when necessary, Make the vehicle run more reasonable.
2. Illustrate the rapid development of new meteorological technology level of outdoor media.
2The city's outdoor advertising is developing towards diversification.
the outdoor media industry is rapidly evolving.
the traditional forms of advertising have changed significantly.
we look forward to more intelligent advertising activities with highly targeted and measurable evaluation.
enrich our lives.
the public service advertising created by Droga RAIA, a famous Brazilian drug chain.
through the advertising activities The spray equipment and clever visual design.
installed in the box make the steam spewing.
like sneeze, reminder the people "flu is in the air.
protect yourself".
passers connected to the website through mobile devices will increase the blood on the screen..
virtual blood donation shows the transformation effect after blood donation through augmented reality activity.
a huge.
the visual effect of 3D outdoor advertising is very shocking and lifelike.
imagine if 3D + LED display screen is applied to outdoor advertising.
is its lifelike and lifelike picture cooler! In the future, driven by technology, outdoor media will be further innovated.
the increasingly mature LED display technology and the emerging high technology will bring us more exciting surprises.
in the future, outdoor media will be further innovated0 C2 F$ l0 [+ [.
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