Polarizer polarizing film laser cutting machine / Jiangsu Kunshan protective film laser cutting equipment
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Polarizer polarizing film laser cutting machine / Kunshan protective film laser cutting equipment, touch screen and OLED Forum
This post was finally edited by msr88 at 11:35, September 10, 2019 * J3 w / D "I-X. | o    l( p. n0 r% g3 V& o* U7 l/ R9 P+ ^     Application scope:     Apple mobile phone protective film, hard film, explosion-proof film, 9h film, touch screen pet, OCA, conductive film and optical film, polarizer, anti peep film, hard film, electronic paper, light guide plate, backlight, cold light film, ceramic substrate, it plastic components, electronic insulation materials, switch film, dust-free cloth, foam, leather case, leather, plastic, carbon fiber, injection nozzle, high-density board Precision cutting and micro hole processing of printed circuit board, 3M, pet, ABS, PS, PCR, ITO, El, Nomex, paper insulation materials, plexiglass, acrylic and other non-metallic materials^ 5 P( Y   } 5 tProduct features: equipped with imported RF laser tube to ensure stable and reliable optical transmission and excellent laser cutting quality; Flying constant light path design is conducive to processing large format cutting products and improving production capacity; The overall structure of the equipment is stable and firm, the overall casting machine base and the integrated closed structure provide guarantee for high speed, high precision and high yield production; Equipped with high-precision screw guide drive servo system, the acceleration is much faster than similar products, which can provide more space for production speed-up; Jintian laser professional cutting software; The original dust removal and smoking system and waste collection box are convenient for timely exhaust emission and waste cleaning, and maintain a good working environment.
optional configuration: CCD vision automatic positioning system: suitable for flexible material processing.
it makes the production more accurate, more efficient, and lower defect rate.

Polarizer polarizing film laser cutting machine / Jiangsu Kunshan protective film laser cutting equipment

the system has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, and low costContact person: Ma s        Mobile number: 15814427735          QQ: 2473457939 address: 8th floor, building 7, Xinghua second industrial zone, Tangwei, Gongming town, Guangming New District, Shenzhen
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