AF anti fingerprint
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AF nano anti fingerprint material is a combination of active silane group and fluorine modified organic group. After contacting with the substrate, a film with a thickness of 10-20nm is formed to ensure the excellent performance of the substrate surface, such as antifouling, water repellency and scratch resistance. Product features: & 8226; Antifouling: prevent fingerprints and oil stains from sticking and erasing easily&# 8226; Anti scratch: smooth surface, comfortable handle, not easy to scratch&# 8226; Thin film: excellent optical properties, does not change the original texture&# 8226; Wear resistance: with true wear resistance. Test data: water contact angle test: 115 ° The durability of the coating was tested for more than 3000 times. The test conditions of nano antifouling coating agent were as follows: 1) 1kg load; 2) 0000 # steel wool; 3) contact area 20mm * 20mm4) frequency 50R / min test for more than 3000 times, and the water contact angle after 3000 times was more than 108 °。。

AF anti fingerprint

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