The first batch of domestic fully bonded water glue
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China's first batch of fully adhesive exposure, touch screen and OLED Forum
As we all know, at present, the bonding of TP layer and LCD layer generally uses the adhesive frame, but this process is very backward,          It can not meet the requirements of terminal manufacturers and consumers.    H. x8 K8 @. [9 v" H             A small amount of fully bonded water glue process has been monopolized by foreign manufacturers for a long time. Such as DuPont, maitu, Xieli, loctite, Sony, W + Q0 z7 I1 {8 L8 E) [$P / w]         The price is still high, and the service cooperation is even less. 6 C4 [; b1 a/ ? 9 K0 j. `. x2 R: @( t             At present, the first fully bonded water adhesive developed successfully in China has come out, which is divided into silicone and resin, "R4, V: M: s, V - ^ (o)    Completely replace foreign glue.& O" i/ q4 T' |/ m, `& N- H. |4 l$ u" Q; j$ V8 l: l% G( H/ B3 G/ \) s# G( p0 R) \6 }; T& g                                                                                                                Please refer to Sir 13415945077 & N7 for details! V: Q* k    R% c。

The first batch of domestic fully bonded water glue

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