Zhengzhou No.1 Construction Company will soon apply LCD splicing screen
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Zhengzhou first construction company will soon apply LCD splicing screen, touch screen and OLED forum
Under the influence of the new era of intelligent and networking, the use of ultra narrow LCD splicing screen extends to every field.

Zhengzhou No.1 Construction Company will soon apply LCD splicing screen

whether it is used for exhibition.
Security and monitoring.
at present.
it has made great achievements in LCD display and has been well supplemented in modern life, bringing great visual effects to the display company's display screen, The innovative management has been realized.
recently, an enterprise in Longzihu, Zhengzhou, installed the 3.5mm stitched 55 inch LCD splicing screen of Henan Aili TV.
- P-C) Q% d    o/ G% H: m) r% D! ~% j0 _' p3 _' }; z6 E     Speaking of this cooperation.
based on the trust of both sides, this cooperation uses new media technology to include information, culture and enterprise connotation, and uses advanced digital media LCD splicing screen to increase visual perception, with high definition, highlight, high vision and high ratio, The advantages of 3D animation make the office area more clear.
and make the whole place more beautiful through 3D animation.
it is also of great help to the economic interests of the first construction company.
$K & f6d! D- r" ]3 g    u; m% l6 ?    v( O4 D) J* w4 m    In general.
the LCD splicing screen supplied by alitv will be of direct use to the development of new enterprises, and No.1 Construction Company is very satisfied.
Henan alitv will continue to provide the most sincere service to the customers.
solve the troubles of every place.
the company is very satisfied with the development of new enterprises' S5 y# z8 s/ F; r.
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