Detailed explanation of hotel LED large electronic display application scheme - Shenzhen caishida
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With the rapid development of LED display, its application field is also expanding. Due to the successful application in major events in the early stage, the public's awareness is constantly improving, The application scope is also expanding.
LED display screen gradually enters our life.
it plays an increasingly important role.

Detailed explanation of hotel LED large electronic display application scheme - Shenzhen caishida

the use of hotel LED electronic display screen is more and more.
it is used for the propaganda and dissemination of various kinds of notices, which greatly expands the propaganda strength and influence.
it can display or cycle text in real time Graphics and image information.
it has many advantages, such as rich ways, strong ornamental, easy to modify display content, high brightness, stable display and long service life. It is widely used in many fields, such as finance, industry and commerce, posts and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mining enterprises, transportation, education system, stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks Securities, etc.
it is also widely used in the campus.
Hotel LED display application scheme.
Hotel is a kind of building or place to prepare accommodation, catering and service for the public, which is generally located in the urban road hub, and is the best place for people in the city to carry out political, economic, cultural and other social activities or business hospitality, Therefore, it is a space for people to get together and have a rest.
in view of this environment, the company specially launched the hotel lobby dedicated LED color star display screen.
and broke through the traditional limitations, with the following characteristics: 1. High quality chip, with large luminescence, uniform color, small light loss, large viewing angle, It can reach the horizontal direction.
2. It adopts the synchronization system.
it can realize the screen video and audio playback and computer synchronization, which is simple and convenient.
3. It can use aluminum box or ultra-thin box.
the light weight can be wall mounted or hoisted, which is elegant and beautiful.
2It is especially suitable for the needs of hotel environment.
4. Hotel LED display has been widely used in service hotels in various cities.
it plays a good role in improving the image and popularity and rendering the atmosphere of various activities organized by the unit.
5. It plays the role of bulletin board.
it plays the role of commodity publicity to attract customers.
6 It can set off the atmosphere of the scene.
through the display screen, you can play the welcome words of superior leaders and all kinds of distinguished guests.
the celebration words or videos of all kinds of major festivals.
it is undeniable.
the ultimate purpose of setting up billboards is to publicize commodity information and attract target customers, In order to achieve this goal, the outdoor LED display screen of caishida hotel has become the first choice for enterprise publicity.
the removable mobile stage background led caishida rental box large screen series model: p3-p4-p5-p6-p10 and other removable mobile LED rental large screens are similar to the indoor fixed LED display screen in terms of model.
the only difference In general, it can be roughly divided into four grades of LED large screen.
1. Sealed iron box removable LED display 2. Ordinary aluminum box led rental screen 3. Profile box performance rental LED large screen. The interior high-end display market is mainly DLP rear projection display.
however, DLP technology has natural defects. First of all, it can not eliminate the 1 mm seam between display units, It can devour at least one display pixel.
secondly, it is inferior to the LED colorstar display in terms of color expressiveness.
What's more, the difference between DLP display units makes it difficult to control the color and brightness uniformity of the whole colorstar display,With the increase of product running time, the differences between units will become larger and larger, and the seam will be difficult to keep consistent, and it will become more and more obvious.
the color differences between units and the adjustment of seam will be more difficult.
even in the later stage of maintenance and repair, it is a relatively difficult thing.
the product features of small spacing LED display: low power consumption: 30% energy saving compared with traditional display products; High contrast: up to 5000:1; High definition: ultra small space.
high pixel density, resolution can reach 1080p or more; High gray level: the depth of gray processing is 16bit; High refresh rate: the refresh rate is more than 3200hz; Wide viewing angle: horizontal viewing angle up to 160 °; Seamless splicing: CNC fine scientific digital processing, error less than 0.1 mm, truly no seam; Brightness adjustable: a wide range of brightness adjustment, up to 200-1500cd / m2, to meet the needs of different environments.
this paper is from caishida optoelectronics.
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