Is touch all-in-one or projector better for bigger schools?
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Is touch all-in-one or projector better for bigger schools, Touch screen and OLED Forum
For larger schools, it is better to use touch all-in-one or projector, which is one of the problems that many schools consider when purchasing teaching touch all-in-one. It has to be said that in the past, the traditional multimedia display system composed of projector and computer was widely used in school teaching, enterprise conference or business application, With the progress of science and technology, the shortage of projector in the process of using gradually appears, and the continuous maturity of Maijun multimedia teaching touch all-in-one machine makes its projection market share lower and lower   b+ s8 V    r' \8 ~! b- b. d6 R' x) J8 D# B" R5 JWhy is touch all-in-one better than projector in bigger schools
r4 M0 Z) i7 `* P" q& K1} 2 ^ - ~ $\ 1 g * B-O + x 1, one machine multi-purpose: in the past, in school teaching or enterprise conference, the realization of multimedia display system needs projector + computer + audio + projection screen, but now it only needs a large touch all-in-one machine to achieve a variety of functional requirements.

Is touch all-in-one or projector better for bigger schools?

it eliminates the cumbersome wiring requirements.
it is fast and efficient to install and use, The cost of installation and later maintenance is reduced.
$W / C * s. v. I8 q6 e8 G7 E; T3 N 2, function synthesis: in terms of using functions, aozhen multimedia teaching touch all-in-one machine integrates the functions of computer, TV, electronic whiteboard, audio, display, etc., which is very convenient to use, and can complete the synchronization of transmission and display.
at the same time.
aozhen touch all-in-one machine also has the advantages of low power consumption, no pollution, small radiation, safety and reliability.
this machine has the advantages of low power consumption, no pollution, small radiation, safety and reliability! M9 n1 l" ~.
x4 e& d8 k3 t) s- O3 ]3. Clear picture quality: the multimedia teaching touch all-in-one machine produced by aozhen electronics, a touch all-in-one machine manufacturer, uses led industrial grade original a-gauge LCD screen, the picture clarity is 4-5 times that of the projector, the display is clearer, the color is more realistic.
and it is not affected by the light.
you can enjoy the clear picture even in the sunlight, It ends the "Dark Age" of curtain class.
the display screen has also undergone special treatment.
it has the characteristics of scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, anti-collision, etc.
it has the advantages of high reliability, low cost and low cost6 @/ E+ w5 y* j4 W7 `1 ~# r0 r# i    i4 ]! @ 8 q.
r$ H4. Low maintenance cost: aozhen 86 Inch Touch all-in-one machine and 75 Inch Touch all-in-one machine are not only fashionable and generous in appearance design, simple and convenient in operation, but also far superior to the projector in service life.
generally speaking.
the projector bulb needs to be replaced after a long time of use, This will undoubtedly increase the use cost in the later stage.
and the life of aozhen electronic multimedia teaching touch all-in-one machine, a manufacturer of touch all-in-one machine, is as long as 60000 hours.
there is no replacement cost in the later stage.
2 C + j-i6 '% R * y# O+ C7 n3 G- J- QIn the face of the aozhen touch all-in-one machine with so many advantages.
the projector is likely to be eliminated by the market. After all, in the school teaching, enterprise conference training and other multimedia fields, the aozhen multimedia touch all-in-one machine will completely replace the projector as a new type of intelligent conference and intelligent teaching equipment.
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